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Should Women Going Through Menopause Receive Special Treatment?

With the age of feminism being where it is today and the fight for equality between men and women still trudging forward, some government reports are now suggesting women going through the menopause transition should receive special treatment in one form or another.

Of course women do have it pretty rough—what with vaginal dryness, night sweats and painful intercourse. Are the ideas being discussed a little overboard? Or are they a step in the right direction for equality?

The Studies

In the last 30 years, the increase in employment rates has been directly related to women in their 50s. However, many women struggle in traditional work places and office environments due to hot flashes, headaches and fatigue that often result from formal meetings and deadlines.

It’s thought that although maternity and pregnancy are well supported in the work force, menopause has been long ignored. Some recent figures collected from the Office for National Statistics revealed that 162,000 women over the age of 50 were unemployed. This number has increased by 45 percent since 2010.

The Solution

Because of the ignorance of most work places toward menopausal women there are government reports that are suggesting flexible work hours and patterns so women can better cope with sleep loss due to menopause.

In addition, desk fans should be introduced in every workplace to aid women through menopause hot flashes. Further, non-synthetic uniforms, places to rest, special absence policies and cold water fountains are also being considered, along with several other forms of assistance.

Women are often times embarrassed to complain or ask for sympathy when going thorough menopause, especially in the work place. Making some simple small changes to better support this transitional time in a woman’s life will greatly benefit the women and the work they’re doing. Of course a work place can’t relieve vaginal dryness, it can at least help other symptoms such as hot flashes and fatigue.



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