Vaginal Moisturizers for Dryness for Menopause & Intimacy

Say goodbye, dry.

Sexual wellness is essential self-care. It’s core, really. Especially when it comes to vaginal dryness. This happens all the time. For all the reasons. To all ages of women. Especially when in menopause. Hit refresh from the inside out. Say hello to a Himalayan berry that makes the magic happen.

Smooth as Silk+

Supports vaginal + overall health.

A daily power blend of our sea buckthorn oil plus Vitamin D and Omega 3 DHA.

Time to Shine

Smooth as Silk

Naturally supports moisture.

Hydrate and protect your vaginal lining from the inside plus it supports your overall health.

Hello Inner Power

No Preservatives

Cruelty Free

Plant Based

Gluten Free

Less Waste

Omega-7 Powerhouse

This product has been absolutely amazing. After about 2 months of taking this I really started to see the results. My recommendation for anyone who is interested in this is to take it regularly. I hope you see results like I saw. It kind of changed my life!


Im 20 years old and bc of a medical treatment I already have vaginal dryness. This product has been a life savor! I noticed it working after 3 days of taking one pill at night.


This is the third product I've tried and THIS definitely works. I have more lubrication, desire and elasticity.


Honestly this stuff works like magic. I'm 25 and experience some dryness due to medications I'm on. I had results after the first day and I feel so much more confident and happy.


He's been trying to figure out what I'm doing differently.


Make the good times last.

Plastic Free Shipping in compact welcome box

Refillable glass jar to keep. (Designed for your medicine cabinets.)

Minimal waste refill sachets. (Delivered monthly or available without a subscription.)

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