"It just keeps getting wetter and wetter"

Femininity came from the comment section, really. Plus product reviews. And customer feedback. Originally designed as a beauty supplement for skin, hair, and nails, we found our powerful sea buckthorn blend remedied an even deeper issue. Vaginal dryness. “Moist” became a frequently, happily used term in our business universe—and Femininity was born.

Femininity is now developing a complete line of sea buckthorn-based supplements to boost sexual self-care for anyone with a vagina.

Real talk on sexual health started this whole story.

How did Femininity come about? Real women willing to talk about the core issues impacting their lives. In early stages with our sea buckthorn line, we traveled to Whole Foods and health stores across the country listening to customer insights and actual results.

Time and time again, we heard the same story. Women came looking for our sea buckthorn berry for a purpose. This product really works on a fundamental level to naturally restore fluid dynamics, so to speak. Femininity was born from the power of personal experience and the word-of-mouth effect.

Femininity is a family-owned company focused for decades on the equitable, sustainable, hand-harvesting of the Turkistanica sea buckthorn with co-ops of local Himalayan farmers. Using eco-friendly methods and high-level quality controls, we capture the essence of this rare berry at its

Incomparably pure & potent

We go to great lengths to ensure our products have ultimate efficacy and purity. Only the best ingredients - for instance, our 100% organic, Himalayan sea buckthorn berries (aka sea berry). Hardcore conditions sometimes create potent bioactive nutrients. This tiny, orange berry grows at 12,000 feet above sea level in the harsh wind and bitter cold of Himalayan mountain valleys. Under extreme stress, a super-fruit is born. With 190 bioactive compounds, the sea buckthorn berry is the richest source of omega-7 on Earth, the compound that nourishes our skin and mucous membranes (which make up the vaginal lining).

Meet our Fair Trade farmers.

Going back decades, we’ve cultivated lasting and equanimous relationships with co-ops of independent Himalayan farmers. Our Fair Trade practices foster traditional, hand harvesting of the wild sea buckthorn berry that grows in abundance in the region. We provide safe, healthy working conditions and fair wages—allowing entire families to sustain themselves through the harsh winter months.