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Smooth as Silk

Smooth as Silk

(Original Femininity) Naturally Restores Vaginal Health + Moisture

  • 1 jar
  • 30 day supply
  • 60 vegan softgels

Hello inner power. This is a pure take on deep down renewal. Made solely from our wild Himalayan sea buckthorn berry, this packs in Omega 7 plus other essential fatty acids and more. Great for hair, skin, and nails for an all-around glow up.

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How to Use

Relief from vaginal dryness that’s ready when you are

Ever notice how Omega 7 rhymes with orgasm? Maybe it’s just us—with decades of research and reviews behind the elusive sea buckthorn berry, and how it helps bring moisture back to women with vaginal dryness. Sustainably wild-harvested by local Tibetan farmers, our sea buckthorn is the purest and most potent source of Omega 7 on earth. Benefit from its full inner power in this softgel: Omegas 7, 3, and 9, Vitamins A and E, plus superabundant bioactive compounds. It’s solid gold for hair, skin, and nails too.

Take two + call us in the morning (with the details).

It’s easy. Easiest if you subscribe and save—with automatic deliveries in sustainable packaging. 

Step #1. Take two vegan softgels by mouth every day.

Step #2: Give it time to really…soak in.

Step #3: Track the differences / benefits and how you look and feel. 

Then keep us posted. This is how you work it, organically / orgasmically.

Hippophae Rhamnoides

Hippophae Rhamnoides

Pure, Potent Ingredients

Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil Blend
1000 mg

Hippophae Rhamnoides/Super Critical CO2 Extract
Organic Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil
Organic Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

A pure and power-packed combination of 80% sea buckthorn fruit oil and 20% sea buckthorn seed oil from our exclusive wild source in the Himalayan highlands regularly tested to yield the most potent form of Omega-7 and other phytonutrients on earth. More on the sea buckthorn berry»





No Preservatives

Cruelty Free

Plant Based

Gluten Free

Less Waste

Omega-7 Powerhouse

Smooth as Silk FAQs

Is this the original formula that I know (and love)?

Yes! This is the OG Femininity women have relied on for years. We’ve reimagined the packaging and the subscription process to make everything a smoother experience (insert innuendo here).

How long does this take to see effects?

Some reviewers say they feel a difference after only a few days, but because this works to hydrate on a cellular level, it can take time to restore vaginal wetness. A clinical study with this exact formulation of sea buckthorn oil showed a statistically significant improvement in vaginal elasticity and moisture after 90 days.

How does a subscription work?

Don’t miss a drop with a subscription. Your welcome package comes (pun intended) with an elegant glass jar. Save this, and refill monthly with a timely delivered sachet that cuts down on packaging waste.