5 Little Known Ways To Revive Your V

5 Little Known Ways To Revive Your V

When you want to learn about healthy eating tips, turn to any person in the room and they’re probably happy to offer the latest tidbit of advice they’ve heard.

And when you want to learn about anything from preventing cancer to fitness regimes, you can easily and openly turn to your doctor.

But what about when you want tips about vaginal healthcare?

It’s hard to come by information about how to properly care for your vagina, and even asking your doctor for help could feel a little awkward. But vaginal health is a vital part of life that many women known little about.

In fact, problems with vaginal dryness affect more than half of postmenopausal women, and frequently affects women before menopause as well.

Where do you get the facts?

Taking care of your vagina is critical to self-love, enjoying sex, and overall wellness.

So ladies, have no fear — we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re experiencing dry sex, general vaginal dryness, sagging, or any other vaginal issues, read on to learn 5 little-known ways to revive your vagina to its healthiest state.

  1. Use mild or natural cleansers.
    The vagina is a sensitive area that can easily become dry and irritated with over-cleansing. Check the labels on the body wash or bar soap you use, and stick to products using only natural ingredients for the safest bet. And even if you are using natural products already, be sure to avoid intense scrubbing of the area.

  2. Do Kegel exercises.
    Kegel exercises aren’t just for postpartum women! Every female can benefit from doing Kegel exercises, whether or not they ever have children. Kegels are like a mini workout for your vagina and will tighten the area to slow signs of aging. This will improve the sexual experience for both you and your partner, as well as prevent incontinence (a.k.a. peeing your pants in the grocery store) later on down the road. To successfully perform Kegel exercises, squeeze the pelvic floor muscles for at least 5 seconds and repeat continuously several times a day.

  3. Take a vaginal supplement

    Many women have heard about topical female lubrication products to help with vaginal dryness, but a vaginal supplement is usually an even better option. Vaginal supplements work to improve vagina health across the board, alleviating the pain and irritation that can occur during sex. Taking a supplement like Femininity by Restore Femininity can also increase the hydration of all parts of your body, making for faster-growing nails, softer, smoother skin, fuller hair, and even more benefits. Vaginal supplements like Femininity are convenient because they can be taken orally and come from natural Omega 7 fatty acids, are 100% estrogen free and work with your body to increase moisture from the inside-out. Are you a first-time customer? Here's a special offer to try Femininity and experience the benefit first-hand.

  4. Wear Natural, Breathable Fabrics

    If you’re experiencing chafing or other vaginal irritation, consider changing up your undie game. Choosing natural, breathable underwear is a smart choice for the same reason we recommend choosing natural soaps. The vaginal area is sensitive and needs to be treated gently to keep it in optimal health. Stick with cotton underwear that will absorb moisture and allow airflow. Organic cotton is an even better choice, since it is free of chemicals and toxins.

  5. Be smart about sex
    Everyone knows the benefits of practicing safe sex, but let’s recap: safe sex is important to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that you may not realize you’re at risk for until you contract them. Many of these STDs are truly nasty and even life-threatening, such as HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. To practice safe sex, always ask your partner about their sexual history, use protection, and get tested for STDs regularly.
Taking control of your vaginal health is an important part of womanhood and aging.
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