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Our Top List Of Reproductive Health Blogs To Follow

In an attempt to learn more about the reproductive system, researchers and medical experts have uncovered a treasure trove of knowledge throughout the years, helping to highlight the complexities and challenges many women often come face-to-face with over their lifetime. 

More than this, these discoveries have led to the development of new techniques that help to detect, diagnose, and treat reproductive diseases that affect millions of women across the world each year. 

Yet, despite all of these efforts, some experts believe that available research on reproductive organs is still less covered compared to non-reproductive organs. In fact, research articles published on non-reproductive organs are 4.5 times higher compared to those on reproductive organs, according to publications available on PubMed. 

Each passing year, a growing amount of new discoveries are being made, however, for women, the outcomes of these discoveries are often unbeknownst to them. Having access to the right information, that provides insight and is supported by scientific research requires women to look for and wide. 

Fortunately, Femininity.Life is changing this narrative. We’re working through countless blogs and websites to find you the most informative platforms on reproductive health. With an endless selection to choose from, we’ve gone to include sites that are trusted, verified, and frequently updated. 

Here’s our alphabetical list of top reproductive blogs and websites to help answer all of your burning questions. 

All Things Endometriosis logo

On average, roughly 10 percent of all reproductive-aged women are affected by endometriosis each year, however, most of them will be undiagnosed for many years before finding help. 


All Things Endometriosis is a collection of endometriosis-focused content, all created and curated by founder and owner, Shruti Chopra. She has been an endometriosis patient for almost three decades and has created a platform that helps to inform women, and others about endometriosis and various conditions such as adenomyosis, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, fibromyalgia, among other things. 

Chopra’s platform highlights important times from her own life, and she uses this platform as a way to reflect on those challenges and share methods that have helped her overcome difficulties and discomfort. All Things Endometriosis features a blog and YouTube channel and highlights important aspects of the disease that are generally misinterpreted or simply not openly discussed. 

Amber Izzo logo

Amber is a 20-something parent and blogger based in the United Kingdom. She started her website more than seven years ago in an attempt to share her frustration and as a means to cope with her infertility. After undergoing several years of IVF cycles, diagnosis, treatments, and various tests, all of which came back negative, Amber and her partner have successfully become parents. 

Her blog mostly focuses on topics such as infertility, motherhood, and lifestyle. Through her platform, Amber is trying to highlight all of the important, and seemingly untalked challenges of struggling to become a mother or to have children. All those years Amber and her partner spent trying to get pregnant have given her a new perspective on life and what it means to be a mother. 

Bloomin Uterus logo

Lisa Howard describes herself as a happy-go-lucky 40-something individual. In June 2014, she was diagnosed with endometriosis, and while the initial news was a big surprise for Lisa, she dedicated herself to using this as an opportunity to share her experience and everything she’s learned from this journey with other people. 

Lisa uses Bloomin Uterus not only as a platform for self-expression, but to inform other readers about the different things that take place throughout your life of living with endometriosis, and how the disease can affect other organs and women’s long-term health. 

Across the platform, readers will be encountered with different subject matters, and points of interest. The website works as an online community for all women living with endometriosis and is looking for a safe place to share ideas, personal triumphs, losses, and anything personal that can help others make more informed and educated choices. 

Eggsperience logo

Egg freezing is considered one of the most advanced and sophisticated procedures women will undergo in their lives. In recent years, studies have found that the survival rate of frozen eggs post-thaw is typically 74 percent, and egg fertilization rate 67 percent, according to a study of 167 women between 2016 and 2022. 

Understanding the process of freezing eggs can be complicated, and Valeri Landis uses her platform to inform others about the process of freezing your eggs. In 2015, she successfully froze 17 eggs and froze another 12 when she was 35 years old in 2017. 

Valerie has since gone on to create the Eggology Club podcast where she interviews other women and experts about the benefits of egg freezing, and what it could mean for you in the long term. Eggsperience stands to inspire others, and shares her journey, and what are the things that motivated her to start freezing her eggs eight years ago. Maybe this website will help inspire you and help lift the veil of what egg freezing is, how it works, and what you can expect. 

Eighty Six The Endo logo

Despite social advancements and the removal of normative cultural topics and taboos, women are still too frequently misguided and wrongly educated about reproductive health and well-being. 

For Melissa Velasco, founder and owner of Eighty Six The Endo, the misunderstanding between patient and medical professional often left women without any answers to their discomfort, gaslighted into believing that their pain is in their head and only temporarily. 

Melissa created her platform as a way to help provide people with research-based education, and to help pull back the veil and reveal the raw reality of what it means to live with reproductive diseases such as endometriosis. 

As the writer and content creator of her blog, Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she’s a Licensed Registered Nurse and Oncology Certified Nurse. She is a Member of the Advisory Board for the Endometriosis Foundation of Houston and received two nominations in the 2020 WEGO Health Awards, one as a Patient Leader Hero, and Best In Show for her Blog. 

Elizabeth King logo

Not having the right support system for overcoming life’s hardest moments can leave many feeling isolated. For Elizabeth King, Certified Life Coach, her work focuses on helping women navigate the challenges that come following a miscarriage, being a new mother, or simply better understanding the complexities of fertility. 

Elizabeth’s experience has helped her become a leading figure in women’s life coaching, and she now offers one-on-one consultations, hosts courses on how women can get pregnant and become a Certified Fertility Coach, and provides a collection of resources that can help women remain informed and up-to-date about industry trends. 

Fertility Centers of New England logo

The Fertility Centers of New England provides families with information and research regarding infertility treatments. Their website offers an extensive library of research, tools, and up-to-date industry-focused content. Their personalized approach aims to offer skilled medical care and use the right treatments, medications, and support systems. 

Their service options stretch a plethora of different categories, some including infertility treatment, LGBTQI+ family building planning, egg freezing, sex selection, and reproductive surgery. The Fertility Centers of New England has an established reputation for providing personalized high-quality care for all women and families and enabling them to access the care treatment that they need to build a family.

Fertility Friday logo

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack is a Toronto-based certified Fertility Awareness Educator, Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner, author of The Fifth Vital Sign, and host of The Fertility Friday Podcast.

As the creator of Fertility Friday, Lisa looks to help other women with the necessary training, guidance, and coaching she needed when she was 19 years old and looking for answers. Today, Lisa has produced multiple courses and training programs, such as Fertility Awareness to help empower women with the tools and knowledge they need to overcome the challenges and complexities of infertility. 

Her course material takes a deep dive into the world of fertility, enabling women, and anyone else, to learn about the intricacies of navigating infertility and using holistic methods to help promote a healthy lifestyle, womanhood, and reproductive system. 

Healthista logo

Healthista is an amalgamation of carefully curated content that covers topics such as female sexual wellness, motherhood, menopause, beauty, fitness, and mental well-being. With a team of dedicated professionals, ranging from personal trainers, physiotherapists, coaches, medical professionals, and obstetricians, Healthista has everything you could ever imagine. 

Topics such as menopause and sexual wellness tend to see the biggest contributions due to the platforms’ extensive resource availability. Their Menopause Pack is an online video workshop that helps to provide insight into all the facets of menopause. The workshops are co-hosted by seven different health and wellness experts and are led by Dr. Dawn Harper, an NHS medical practitioner specializing in women’s health. 

Healthista is everything you’ve ever wanted to know and learn about women’s health, wellness, sex, and menopause. There are plenty of articles published each week, and new resources are frequently added to help enlighten your experience and understanding of women’s health. 

Live Fertile logo

As a 30-something delayed mother, registered dietitian, women’s health yoga teacher, aromatherapist, and dietitian, Kendra Tolbert has more than sixty thousand YouTube subscribers and helps women live a passionate, fertile, and balanced lifestyle.

Kendra provides nutrition and wellness classes for expecting mothers, helping them foster healthy habits, improving lifestyle choices, relieving tension and pain associated with pregnancy, and helping them foster a more confident self-body image during and after pregnancy. 

Another part of her work focuses on teaching yoga classes to mothers, including soon-to-be moms who are in the midst of their pregnancies. Kendra helps women to find harmony and balance in their lives and helps to prepare them for a new journey ahead. 

Miss Conception Coach logo

Chiemi Rajamahendran is the founder of Miss Conception Coach, an infertility support counselor that provides one-on-one and couples support sessions. Her services are available across the world, as Chiemi offers both in-person and teletherapy sessions.

Her services are tailored towards individuals struggling to cope with the stress and anxiety of infertility-related loss, and loss-related procedures such as IVF. 

Her online community is more than 50,000 strong and over the years Chiemi has gone to expand her brand and website, creating a platform through which people can connect and those seeking answers can find the help they need. 

Nicole Jardim logo

Today, more women have a holistic approach to health and well-being. Similarly, Nicole Jardim is a certified women’s health coach, speaker, mentor, writer, and creator of the Fix Your Period Program. 

The Fix Your Period Program enables women to build a lifestyle that works for their body’s built-in healing mechanisms. Through six science-backed modules, women will learn how to work with the important areas of their bodies and establish a workable solution for treating periods naturally. 

Nicole has garnered quite the attention in recent years, and her work has helped countless women struggling with irregular periods, and finding tailored solutions that work for their bodies and lifestyle. 

One Sharp Mama logo

The One Sharp Mama Blog highlights the challenges women experience during pregnancy, the difficulty of dealing with infertility struggles, and the discomfort this may cause for couples and families. 

Started by Victoria Sharp, a registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and Registered Vascular Technology, Victoria provides her followers with all the scope about getting pregnant, when you’re feeling defeated. 

Her story is similar to that of other women, struggling to fall pregnant for years due to fertility issues. Today, however, her story is completely different, and Victoria is the mother of three girls and a boy, and married to her best friend. 

PCOS Awareness Association logo

Data from 2023 shows that around 8 to 13 percent of reproductive-aged women are affected by polycystic ovary syndrome, otherwise better known as PCOS. Alarmingly, nearly 70 percent of affected women will remain undiagnosed globally. 

The PCOS Awareness Association (PCOSAA) helps to keep women and men informed about the importance of being diagnosed and finding suitable treatment options. 

As a non-profit organization, PCOSAA aims to help raise more awareness about PCOS, help remove any barriers surrounding education channels, and further empower everyone to take better control of their life and well-being. 

PCOS Wellness logo

Dr. Gretchen Kubacky describes herself not only as a health psychologist but more importantly a woman with PCOS. Dr. Gretchen was diagnosed with PCOS in her early 20s, back in 1995. Since then, she has gone on to tell the real, hard, and raw story of dealing with PCOS and the seemingly never-ending list of specialists and experts she has seen over the years. 

With PCOS Wellness, Dr. Gretchen aims to help other women suffering from the same hardships of living with PCOS. Her platform helps to connect her with women across the world who are looking for the right answers. 

She provides online and virtual consultations, and other resources on her website, including her blog have been carefully curated to help teach younger girls about PCOS and what are some of the symptoms they need to look out for when going through the various phases of early womanhood. 

Seaside Sundays logo

Started in 2017 by a mother and a former full-time employee, Gemma McBride, Seaside Sundays is a collection of blog posts relating to women’s health, fertility and infertility, and family planning lifestyle. 

Originally Gemma started her blog to never return to work and to spend more time with her two children. After several years of trial and error, Gemma managed to get her blog off its feet and today she helps countless women across the world through her platform.

Gemma is a Certified Fitness Trainer with LA Fitness, a Certified Travel Consultant, and a Certified Wedding and Destination Wedding Planner. Her work focuses on helping to motivate women to find ways of living more frugally while dealing with some of life’s hardest challenges. 

Beat PCOS with Kym Campbell logo

Kym Campbell is the creator of the widely successful 30-Day PCOS Diet Challenge and the founder of Beat PCOS with Kym Campbell. Originally, Kym started her website as a way to share her experiences and look for a way to communicate with other women who are dealing with similar struggles of PCOS. 

Now, several years later, Kym has developed a PCOS Diet Challenge that helps women take control of their lives and diet through a PCOS-focused diet and exercise program. The 30-day challenge includes an assortment of resources, including more than 430 PCOS recipes, PCOS nutrition lessons, step-by-step coaching, an evidence-based PCOS supplements guide, and over 1,000 relevant scientific citations. 

Stirrup Queens logo

Melissa Ford is a mother, writer, and author of several books, with a total of four published works. Her first book, Life From Scratch was published in 2010 and was shortly followed by a sequel, Measure of Love, published in 2013. By 2014, she wrote Apart at the Seams, which was published later that year. 

Contrary to most of the other platforms, websites, and blogs featured on our list, Stirrup Queens is predominantly a blog covering more than 53 different categories and with over 3,196 articles published as of 2024. 

Melissa covers nearly everything. From donor egg, insemination, embryo health, parenting techniques, surrogacy, infertility, adoption, miscarriage, and a lot more where that came from. For women looking to dive into a massive treasure trove of old-school-like blogs and feel inspired, Stirrup Queens is a quintessential must-read. 

The Ribbon Box logo

Back in 2019, Eloise Edington started Fertility Help Hub, a community-focused platform, with a minor social media presence. The vision Eloise had was to create a global platform where people can connect, share, and support one another. 

Things changed over time, and between 2019 and 2023 their presence reached more than 1.5 million people globally. Now, Eloise, the founder, and owner of The Ribbon Box, operates a fertility advice and guidance platform along with her team of writers, designers, and content managers. 

Eloise shares that The Ribbon Box is still a community-orientated platform and is rooted in shared experiences. The platform provides tips, advice, and daily guidance for women struggling with fertility and reproductive issues. 

To Make A Mommy logo

For some people, becoming a parent can often feel like a pipeline dream. The difficulty of conceiving a child, early miscarriages, and a plethora of treatments that lead to nothing can push a person to their very limits, or at least that’s what it felt like for Anna Rapp. 

Anna is the founder and owner of To Make A Mommy, and she shares her journey of overcoming infertility and recurrent miscarriage. Despite her experience with infertility issues, Anna has two Master's Degrees, both from the Isenberg Business School at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Today, she is a dedicated mother of two and a wife to her partner. She shares her story through the years and helps to make scientific research more accessible to any person wanting to learn more about infertility, endometriosis, and reproductive diseases. Additionally, she writes about ways you can create and live a toxic-free life, and build a lifestyle that promotes healthy and happy living for the whole family. 

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