We’ve long known the value of getting an adequate intake of vitamin D3 and omega fatty acids for overall well-being but how often have we thought about supplementation specifically for vaginal health? Smooth as Silk+ is the supplement you didn’t know you needed to support the land down under. 

A Daily Supplement Like No Other 

We take supplements for skin health, hair health, and overall well-being, but doesn’t it feel like we’re missing something? If we travel a little further south, there’s a part of our anatomy that’s shouting “Hey, what about me?”. We might not be thinking about vaginal health when we’re popping our daily multi, but this is because the average vitamin supplements aren’t formulated to support vaginal health. 

In fact, it likely isn’t even on the radar of supplement manufacturers. 

But, nutrients like vitamin D3 and omega fatty acids are incredibly important to vaginal health. Think of your vagina as its own ecosystem. It has its own little world going on down there, complete with fluctuating pH levels, bacteria (both good and bad), and changes that occur in its environment due to hormones and all sorts of intricate stuff. 

When it’s all in balance, it’s smooth sailing. But if the ecosystem gets thrown off-kilter, that is when problems start cropping up. Think along the lines of infections, dryness, discomfort – you get the picture, and it’s not a fun one. 

The right nutrients can restore this ecosystem back to normal operating conditions, including less irritation, more moisture, and a reduced likelihood of infections like yeast, bacterial vaginosis, and UTIs cropping up. Vaginal health is important for a happier healthier you but we don’t always get the nutrients we need to support it through diet alone. 

Quality Nutrients That Support Vaginal Health at Every Stage of Life

First, let’s start by saying that the term “vaginal health” encompasses a lot more than most of us realize. It can define something as simple as basic hygiene but also encompasses specific issues, like dryness, vaginal atrophy, urogenital issues, and fertility. 

It’s honestly something many of us don’t think much about until we notice something is amiss, and then it’s a frantic trip to the doctor to fix whatever is wrong. What we now know is that many vaginal health issues can be prevented by supporting our bodies with the right nutrients, like the ones found in Smooth as Silk+. 

Proactively protecting vaginal health is something that’s so important at every stage of life. Dryness and vaginal atrophy become more serious and persistent issues the closer we inch toward menopause, and this includes the stage before menopause called perimenopause. Perimenopause can set in years before we reach menopause, causing issues with vaginal health in our early forties or even late thirties. 

The earlier we’re able to address these changes in our health, the more empowered we become to be our own best menopause advocates. Changes in vaginal health aren’t a symptom of menopause that’s short-lived, so we need to be armed with nutrition and supplements that protect us for the long term. 

Here’s a look at what’s inside each little capsule and what each ingredient does to keep things running “smooth as silk”. 

EVOMEGA7 Proprietary Blend

This is our proprietary blend of the elusive omega-7 fatty acid that we source from organic sea buckthorn fruit oil. Sea buckthorn oil is mother nature’s alternative to pharmaceutical hormones for relieving vaginal dryness and restoring moisture. 

But quality matters, which is why we are 110% committed to quality and purity, and we operate with the highest level of respect for nature and the amazing individuals who help make sea buckthorn more accessible for all of us. 

The omega 7 found in our EVOMEGA7 is harvested pre-dawn, which is the point when the berries contain the highest levels of nutrients, and we process the berries the very same day using a supercritical CO2 extraction. 

This means that each Smooth as Silk+ capsule contains the nutrient powerhouses to rejuvenate vaginal membranes and relieve dryness – this includes the most omega 7 available compared to any other sea buckthorn oil supplement for vaginal dryness on the market. 

Vitamin D3

Can we just say that vitamin D3 is the unsung hero of preventative health? Vitamin D3 protects and supports health in so many ways, and your vagina is not neglected in this. D3 is wonderful for helping to balance vaginal pH levels, which translates to less irritation and fewer yeast infections. It also aids in cellular regeneration, which becomes especially important as we mature and vaginal atrophy becomes a term we’re suddenly familiar with.  

D3 is also important for vaginal lubrication, and this is one of the most important things for vaginal health. If the landscape begins to resemble the Sahara, the risk for irritation, microtears, and infection increases, and this can significantly impact your quality of life.

Algal Oil

Algal oil is a plant-based omega-3 DHA that’s sourced from marine algae, which research is showing to be more effective than omega-3 that comes from non-plant-based sources, and they’re free of the problematic contaminants we see with omega-3 sourced from fish oil.  

Smooth as Silk+ offers an entirely plant-based formula, and algal oil is a very important part of this family. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for cellular repair, especially in an area like the vagina with a mucosal lining. 

Smooth as Silk+ Is the Ultimate Upgrade for Vaginal Wellness

Compared to our original Smooth as Silk formula, this one offers the benefits of vitamin D3 and plant-based omega 3 DHA. If you have a vagina, dryness happens from time to time, but it doesn’t have to be a chronic condition that affects your mood, relationships, and quality of life. Smooth as Silk+ is the all-natural, cruelty-free, plant-based, and most potent form of omega-7 powerhouse we all need.