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List of Best Women's Health Blogs To Follow

There’s a lot to consider when talking about women’s health, and today, more than ever, understanding the role biological makeup plays in women’s predisposition to certain illnesses and diseases can help experts find and remedy certain health concerns more effectively. 

More than this, women’s health is a continuous process of development. Throughout their lives, women will experience various periods of change, transitioning from one phase into another. From the early years of having menstrual periods to menopause during their midlife, understanding the issues that may accompany these changes can help women effectively manage their health and wellness on a level that matters to them. 

With a plethora of resources available online and the soaring popularity of social media influencers, ensuring that women have access to credible and reliable sources can be a vital effort to help them effectively manage and understand specific health issues relating to women’s health and well-being. 

As part of Femininity’s reputation to provide women with the most accurate information, we’ve gone to compile a list of resources that can help women find the answers to their questions, and stay more informed about their health, well-being, and fitness. 

In the following list, you’ll find information for all your health-related questions. Whatever your needs, these websites and blogs help to answer the most difficult questions in a way that is easy to understand and find a suitable solution that works for you. 

Here are our top recommendations in alphabetical order. 



bwom logo
B-wom is a platform and mobile application that helps women create personalized care plans, aiming to prevent reverse symptoms and further ensure the physical improvement and emotional well-being of users. 


By using B-wom, women can have a more tailored experience that carefully fits their wellness needs, including physical exercise and intimate health. Additionally, women can align their fitness and wellness goals more adequately, ensuring proactive investment in the things that they want to improve. 

Some of the goals that women can work on with B-wom include, intimate health, such as sex and boosting orgasms; urine incontinence; pregnancy health preparing your body before and after delivery; constipation; and core and pelvic floor exercises. 

Body Kindness

bodykindness logo

Diet culture has become the epitome of healthy living, at least, that’s what many people are led to believe. However, this isn’t always the case, and while diets may prove beneficial in some instances, not every diet is considered the one-in-all solution for every woman. 

Body Kindness is a platform started by Rebecca Scritchfield, a well-being cough, registered dietitian nutritionist, and author of the book, Body Kindness: Transform your health from the inside out and Never Say Diet Again. Rebecca’s work focuses on helping women shift their focus of health from weight loss and rather moving towards well-being. 

On the Body Kindness website, users will find a plethora of resources, including online courses created and offered by Rebecca, and episodes to her podcast where she talks about everything about health, wellness, family, and sex. Rebecca helps women find more meaning in living a healthy life through small changes and removes the need for chronic dieting. 

By Kimberly Kong 

By Kimberly Kong logo

As the name suggests, Kimberly Kong is the founder and owner of By Kimberly Kong, a website dedicated to women’s health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle. Kong’s website helps to inform women about the latest beauty and fashion trends, sharing opinion pieces and ideas of things women can do to look and feel their best. 

On top of this, the website is dedicated to providing travel tips for women, including things such as trips for traveling solo and giving expert advice on must-visit travel destinations every woman should include on their travel bucket list. 

Her website contains an online shop, where women can shop all the latest trends in the fashion industry. Kong provides a link for users to shop any of her favorite looks and styles that are available in her closet. 

By Kimberly Kong is a website dedicated to sophistication, and helps to elevate the feminine form, by providing women with the right resources and information to stay ahead of industry developments and new trends. 

Dr. Dawn's Wellness Tools

drdawnswellnesstools logo

Dr. Dawn Chambers is a physical therapist who specializes in women’s health and has been exclusively focussing on women’s health and rehabilitation since 2021. Her work stretches several years, with the majority of focus being on outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. 

However, Dr. Chambers has since shifted her focus to providing women with the necessary tools and resources to enlighten the understanding of physical therapy. Her platform is dedicated to a variety of resources, with blog posts written and fact-checked by Dr. Chambers. 

Her website includes virtual physical therapy consultations. These can be arranged and booked via the Carolina Women’s Physical Therapy and Wellbeing telehealth website. 

Dr. Chambers also provides insight regarding specific products and services that are used in physical therapy and helps to give her expert opinion on which products are best suited for women’s needs. These products can be found on Dr. Dawn’s Wellness Tools online store. 

Fit Bottomed Girls 

fitbottomedgirls logo

Everything fitness and wellness, and everything women. Fit Bottomed Girls is dedicated to helping women understand the complex world of women’s exercise, and enables them to tap into various resources and online classes to make the most of their home workout or fitness routine. 

Not only is Fit Bottomed Girls focused on exercise and health, but the website also provides further support for mothers, covering a broad variety of different maternal and childcare topics. Their Eats section is aimed at helping women learn more about the food they consume, with pieces written and fact-checked by experts. 

Finally, the Zen section, which is a new addition to the website, focuses on ways women can find tranquility within a hyper-connected and busy world. Zen is all about getting back in touch with your inner self and finding new ways to instill a sense of calmness in your life. 

Green at Home 

greenathome logo

Creating a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment for you and your family is now possible with the help of Emma Rohmann, an environmental engineer and mother dedicated to helping others find solutions for reducing the use of toxic chemicals in their home and bodies. 

Emma’s approach is simple and uses science-based advice, research, and the latest developments to ensure that women can effectively create a more environmentally conscious home that requires minimal effort and does not feel overwhelming. 

Green at Home was founded back in 2015, and Emma has since cultivated the website into an all-in-one platform that can help people feel more informed and educated regarding the products and chemicals they use in and around their homes. 

Not only this, but Emma’s focus is ensuring people can learn how their environment can impact their health and bodies, and finding more sustainable long-term solutions that are safer and healthier for everyone in the family. 

Healthy Happy Life

healthyhappylife logo

Living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle often calls for making some adjustments to our eating habits. This may include the things we consume regularly, or finding innovative ways to improve our diets and live a more balanced, and healthier lifestyle without having to compromise on all the tasty food and ingredients out there. 

Healthy Happy Life is a website created by Kathy Patalsky, a mother, cook, and entrepreneur. Her website mostly features vegan and plant-based lifestyle tips, including other segments such as travel, wellness, and day-to-day stories of being a woman and mother. 

Instead of being overbearing, like some recipe and cooking websites tend to be, Healthy Happy Life tries to establish a more personal connection with readers. Recipes are simple and feature a variety of dishes and meals that are easy to make and vegan-friendly. 

Under lifestyle, readers will find anything from travel and beauty to tips on building a vegan and plant-based diet that fulfills all of your daily nutritional needs. Kathy helps to teach women about the positive benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle and finding interesting ways to incorporate more plant-based meals and ingredients into their diet. 

Healthy Mom Project

healthymomproject.squarespace logo

The Healthy Mom Project was founded by Lauren Egger, a registered nurse and women’s health expert. Lauren has spent most of her professional career attending to women’s health issues, including pregnancy and birth. 

Through her website, Lauren aims to inform and educate women, and more importantly, mothers about the various facets of motherhood, including diet, fitness, wellbeing, lifestyle, and family. Her website is a treasure trove of valuable information, including a section dedicated to healthy recipes suitable for the whole family. 

More than this, Lauren is a voice and advocate in her community of Northeast Ohio, where she continues to work alongside other community leaders, schools, and council members to help create a safer and healthier environment for all residents, including children. 

Each year Lauren, along with the Healthy Mom Project hosts several events to help promote the use of GMO-free products and build a more collective understanding of finding suitable alternatives and substitutes that are safe for children and the planet. 

Holistic Squid logo

Our busy lifestyles can be demanding, however, when it comes to our diets, nothing should stand in the way of building a balanced diet that meets all of your dietary needs, without compromising on quality sources of nutrients. 

Holistic Squid is all about building a personalized meal plan that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet without compromising on quality and quantity. On top of this, as the name suggests, Holistic Squid is dedicated to helping women have a more holistic approach to healthcare and well-being. 

The holistic category features insight into different approaches to living a more holistic lifestyle, including beauty, fitness, and wellbeing. The website also features an array of holistic recipes, and advice on pregnancy, fertility, and baby and child health. 

Keep It SimpElle logo

Elle Linton is a UK-based fitness professional and entrepreneur that helps people get in their best shape ever, without having to pay for expensive gym memberships or weekly training classes. Her only training videos are easy to follow, but don’t be surprised when you break a sweat several minutes into your workout.

Elle started her website to help other people find the motivation to live a healthy and active lifestyle, regardless of their limitations. Her workouts can be tough and speedy, with many of them centered around using body movements and techniques that can be performed inside your living room or bedroom. 

Keep it SimpElle is a website dedicated to helping people feel their best, without compromise. Elle encourages all of her followers to measure their success based on how their bodies feel, and not necessarily how their bodies look. 

Life In Leggings logo

Food, fun, and fitness are at the core of Life In Leggings according to founder and owner, Heather Hesington, a New York-based personal trainer and proud ambassador for FitFluential, Sweat Pink, Popsugar Fitness, and Sweaty Nation. 

Heather started Life In Leggings back in 2011, however, at the time, her blog was focused on documenting her wedding planning ideas, with a strong focus on DIY projects. However that all changed over the years, and now Life In Leggings is an all-in-one destination for women looking to learn more about fitness and living a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

Heather is a studio manager and a certified personal trainer, with certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NAMS). Her NASM accreditation focuses on women's fitness and well-being, with a further focus on providing women with unique and up-to-date fitness routines that are effective and align with the capacity and limits of their bodies. 

Mamavation logo

Eco-wellness is becoming an increasingly important consumer category, allowing many more individuals the opportunity to choose products and services that are safe for them and their children but are not harmful to their environment. 

Mamavation is an amalgamation of products and services that can be considered toxic, or harmful to consumers and the environment. The team at Mamavation strives to build an up-to-date database of knowledge and research that can help keep consumers informed. 

This is the one-stop destination for consumers wanting to learn more about the products they use and the food they consume. All the blogs are informative and help to shed light on important tips and tricks people can try in their homes to live a happier, more eco-conscious, and environmentally-friendly lifestyle without compromising on the big things. 

She Knows logo

This website is a blend of pop-culture and everything femme fatale. There’s a strong focus on providing up-to-date and accurate information about various topics, including wellness, fitness, lifestyle, and celebrity news. 

The concept might seem a bit all over the place, but She Knows is aimed at keeping women informed about the latest beauty and fashion trends, while also providing insider tips on how to become a more active parent and living a balanced lifestyle without feeling like you’re burning yourself out. 

She Knows covers a wide range of topics, and various contributors can make necessary contributions to the website. There is something for everyone, and instead of being solely focused on one topic or category, She Knows is a fun and less serious website for women looking to unwind and find interesting pieces to read during the day. 

Women Fitness logo

Women's Fitness is big and bold. The website covers an array of topics, including women’s health and fitness is the most important, alongside beauty, fashion, diet, nutrition, and celebrity news. 

There’s something for everyone, and Women Fitness has become a trusted source of research and knowledge for many people, especially women wanting to learn more about how to take better care of their bodies and mental health. 

There is a lot of industry-backed research, and it’s easy to become lost in the wealth of knowledge that the website has accumulated over the years. The digital magazine is a convenient replacement and allows you to read all the latest women’s wellness and fitness news wherever you are. 

The member’s area gives users access to various training courses, including cardiovascular training, strength training, and flexibility training. On top of this, members have access to meal management tools, and a training directory to help them better understand all the complexities that come with building an active lifestyle. 

MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health logo

The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) provides women with state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment for various psychiatric disorders, including mental health problems such as chronic depression and anxiety, among other things. 

Their website is big, and there is a treasure trove of valuable resources available for any person struggling with mental health issues, or simply looking to learn more about how to cope with mental disorders. 

The website helps to be an encouraging link between finding the necessary help and living a healthy life without the interference of mental disorders. Their clinical and research programs feature a hefty amount of scientific research, while their online education programs aim at teaching online courses providing an overview of psychiatric disorders in women and finding treatable solutions. 

Final thoughts 

There are countless websites and blogs available online that aim to help women learn more about their health, and find workable solutions to improving their wellbeing. Nonetheless, making an informed decision starts with the resources that one has available, and by collaborating with trusted and verified experts across the internet, Femininity Life can help encourage both men and women to promote the importance of being more vocal about women’s health and teaching the next generation of curious minds. 

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