Michelle's Success Story | Feminine Dryness & Femininity

Michelle's Success Story | Feminine Dryness & Femininity

Michelle's Femininity Testimonial…

Vaginal dryness is a common problem that just doesn't seem to be discussed, and understandably so...

Many women are embarrassed by vaginal dryness, seeing it as sexual dysfunction and feeling inadequate, ashamed, or unsexy— this is wrong.

In reality, vaginal dryness is just a part of life that most women deal with at some point or another. But most importantly, there is a natural solution.

Michelle sent in her story sharing how Femininity finally helped her say goodbye to feminine dryness.

Here’s what she wanted to share...

"One day while in my local nutrition shop, a sales woman saw me looking at the omega oils and asked me if had tried the omega-7 sea buckthorn oil… I hadn’t.

I’m always all about the hair and skin products – but she said something else that really piqued my interest....

She mentioned it helps with vaginal dryness. As a young woman, you wouldn’t think I’d have any issues with that, but sadly I do!

Since my early/mid 20’s I’ve struggled with it, and have used lubricants – but sometimes it’s just embarrassing and some boyfriends haven’t understood or dealt with it well – I guess thinking they’re doing something wrong.

I’m aware it could be a mental thing, but hell… this stuff really works!

I take it daily… and have not used lubricant once since I started taking it consistently! It’s truly liberating.

I feel so much more confident, and sexy. I no longer have to stress about “am I ready to go.”

My body was just not in the same place as my mind. I’m sure the stress was worsening the issue… so it’s nice to relieve that fear.

Sometimes I am truly shocked at how much moisture I’ve got going on now! So is my boyfriend, haha!

We are BOTH happy customers. Supplements obviously don’t work for everyone, but it works for me ? I’m 31 now, and I finally feel like a normal healthy woman.”

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