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The Vaginal Changes After Childbirth

There’s no way of explaining the emotions that new mothers have when they hold their newborn babies for the first time. You’ve been prepared for the moment to finely feel your newborns’ utterly soft skin against yours. Giving birth takes a toll on the body and the vagina, which is the reason why you might feel worn out and completely dazed.

Many first time mothers will need stitches after childbirth due to the vagina expanding to ten centimeters. You will likely experience vaginal dryness due to the pressure of pushing during childbirth.

Vaginal Tearing After Childbirth

Stretching of the vagina ultimately depends on your genetics, size of the newborn, how long you pushed for and if it’s your first time giving birth. Most women feel discomfort and soreness down there right after childbirth. The pain might increase based on your lifestyle such as, walking, sneezing and even when you’re relaxing.

If you were treated with stitches, then it’s normal to feel discomfort and burning sensation for the next two weeks. Keep your vagina clean and avoid using any harsh soaps or lubricants until it heals.

Sex After Childbirth

When you’re finally ready for sex, it’s important for you and partner to understand that the sensation will feel fairly different. After childbirth, the estrogen levels drop while the progesterone levels increase, so your body can heal from trauma and produce milk for your baby.

If you’re worried about dry vagina, then opt for natural supplements that can give the body a boost of moisture and lasting energy. Don’t be afraid to speak to your doctor about vaginal dryness issues you may be having, sometimes they can be serious.

Will Your Vagina go Back to Normal

It’s the golden questions every mother wants to know. It all depends on the women and her body. However, for many women the vagina isn't going to be same after childbirth due to the trauma that’s left on the body. You might not feel a difference but only time will tell.


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