The Wonders of Omega-7 Fatty Acids

The Wonders of Omega-7 Fatty Acids

When it comes to natural wonders, Omega-7 is often overlooked. However, this fatty acid proves to do wonders for your health. The reason that many vaginal moisturizers don’t use this acid in their products is because it is rare in the plant and animal kingdoms. Those other companies don’t want to make the effort to go all natural.

We here at Femininity are willing to go the extra mile to help you combat vaginal dryness and restore your vaginal health. The source of this natural moisturizer comes from the sea buckthorn berry, deep in the Himalayas. While other companies are using harmful chemicals, we stick to the natural alternatives, which are more effective and beneficial to your health.

Mucous Membrane Health

Omega-7 helps not only in improving your vaginal mucous membrane health, but the membrane health all throughout your body. The human body is home to a complex network of these membranes. Irritated or dry mucous membranes can lead to painful vaginal dryness, while other irritated membranes around the body can result in digestive problems.

Femininity will improve the efficiency of your mucous membranes to eliminate dryness and irritation, keeping your body healthy.

Cardiovascular Health

The fatty acids from the sea berry also help maintain healthy sugar and cholesterol levels. It has also been shown that Omega-7 can help smooth out artery passages, helping the walls of the heart stay strong. Another study also showed a decrease in cholesterol and triglycerides.

Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Omega-7 also acts as a natural premature aging solution. This fatty acid has been proven to help users maintain healthy and shiny hair, skin and nails. Omega-7 also serves as the main ingredient in our Femininity supplement, as well as a popular one in beauty products.

So, what separates us from the rest of the vaginal moisturizers? Our all-natural and healthy approach. Femininity will have you feeling healthy and rejuvenated.


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