Top Blogs for Intimacy and Wellness To Follow

Top Blogs for Intimacy and Wellness To Follow

Research shows that approximately more than half of menopausal women may suffer from low sexual desire throughout their midlife. Hormonal changes throughout perimenopause and menopause can later cause a decline in libido, and changes to our bodies can further make it harder for us to feel aroused during more intimate moments. 

Not only this, but hormonal fluctuations may often lead to symptoms such as vaginal atrophy, also known as vaginal dryness, which is the drying and thinning of the vaginal wall. This often results in painful intercourse, or difficulty to reach climax. 

These and other considerations could help further answer why some women may become dissatisfied with their sex life, and further lead them to avoid intimacy with their partners entirely. 

Fortunately, despite what research has told us over the last couple of years, it’s still possible to have an active, healthy, and satisfying sex life after and after menopause. Femininity.Life understands the importance of maintaining a healthy intimate relationship with your partner, and to help make this experience feel less like a burden, we’ve compiled a list of intimacy and wellness websites we feel every woman should consider when looking for answers and resolutions to their wellness, and more importantly, sex life. 

Here’s our list, in alphabetical order, of top blogs and websites on intimacy and wellness.

August McLaughlin 

augustmclaughlin logo

August McLaughlin is best known as the writer and author of Girl Boner, and the host/producer of Girl Boner Radio, a podcast that discusses topics of sexual health, wellness, and positivity. McLaughlin is an advocate for sexual empowerment and gender parity. Her work focuses on removing physical and emotional barriers women may often encounter throughout their lives, and helps to encourage them by embracing their bodies, and sexuality, and living more meaningful and richer lives. 

Dangerous Lilly logo

Although Dangerous Lilly hasn’t been active for some time now, the website provides an in-depth overview of sex toys, by helping to create a more sex-positive culture for women and provide them with a safer sex toy experience. Founder, Lilly originally started Dangerous Lilly as a project to better understand the kink-culture of sex toys, learn new things, and share opinion pieces of sex toys. Turning a cold shoulder to standard sex toys and sex toy shop reviews, Lilly established a platform that helps to educate and inform readers about sex toys and remove the stigma that often surrounds the purchase and use of sex toys. 

Dr. Megan Martin logo

For some women, low libido, regardless of their age, can affect their relationships, and intimacy with their partners. More than this, for some women, this may be an isolated experience, resulting in discrepancies and anxiety. This was the case for Dr. Megan Martin, a medical physician and psychoeducator educator helping women overcome the challenges of low libido, and helping them create more enriching sexual experiences. Dr. Martin started the Libido Academy, to provide women with the necessary resources to learn more about the challenges of overcoming low libido and navigating sexual relationships

Embrace Sexual Wellness

embracesexualwellness logo

Founded in 2018 by Dr. Jennifer Litner, a certified sex therapist, human sexuality educator, and licensed marriage and family therapist, Embrace Sexual Wellness is on a mission to provide individuals with comprehensive and specialized care in sex therapy, relationship counseling, and related concerns. Since its founding, the Embrace Sexual Wellness team has expanded and now sees several registered and licensed professionals helping to empower people to establish intimate relationships through making healthy choices and further providing them with scientifically accurate sexual health information. 

Forgetting Fairytales

forgettingfairytales logo

Ella Stearn is a lover of love, writer, and creator of Forgetting Fairytales. She is a fully-trained Strategic Intervention Coach and has received additional training from Tony Robbins, American author and speaker, and well-known family therapist, Cloe Madanes. Ella has helped millions of people since launching Forgetting Fairytales back in 2020 and provides specialist coaching in breakups, dating, and relationships. Her mission is to provide every person with a practical guide to overcoming challenges, and to finding their “happily ever after.”

Hello Playground

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At Hello Playground, femme fatale takes center stage, with a fierce cohort of experts and advisors helping women discover the full-sensory libido-enhancing experience of their products that stimulates both the body and mind. Co-founded by Catherine Magee, and Sandy Vukovic, the women responsible for the development of Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kat Von D, bareMinerals, and Buxom Cosmetics, and well-known singer, songwriter, and actress, Christine Aguilera, Hello Playground is fast becoming the world’s best female-forward sexual wellness platform. The School of Sexology is driven by ingenuity and aims to provide women with research-based insights about intimacy, relationships, and everything sexual wellness.

Jo Divine

jodivine logo

Founded in 2007 by partners, Samantha and Paul Evans, Jo Divine sells and distributes skin-safe sex toys and lubricants that help to elevate the bedroom experience and further help educate consumers about practical sexual health and stimulation topics. Co-founder, Samantha has a background in nursing and helps to lead the company’s online content platform, writing highly informative articles on sexual health, and pleasure and helping people further discover ways to enjoy sex in whatever way they want. Jo Divine is centered around selling high-quality skin-safe sex toys for both men and women and aims to help minimize the barriers marginalized communities may experience with accessing and learning about sexual health, wellness, and all things sex toys. 

Love In 90 Days

lovein90days logo

Finding love in a highly tech-driven world comes with endless complications, challenges, and difficulties. Well, not anymore, as Dr. Diana Kirschner, a well-known PBS Love Expert and best-selling author and psychologist is now helping single women across the U.S. and the world find the love they’ve been looking for, and breaking down the stereotypes of what it means to be dating in the 21st century. Her book, Love in 90 Days reached more than 5.4 million readers in 2023, which Dr. Kirschner claims to be one of her biggest milestones. Her platform provides women access to online masterclasses, courses, and materials on combating loneliness and overcoming the challenges of locking down the partner of your dreams.

Maze Women’s Sexual Health

mazewomenshealth logo

For more than twenty years, Maze Women’s Sexual Health has been a platform dedicated to helping women openly discuss, and resolve challenges of sexual health with care, compassion, and guidance by a team of skilled and multifaceted experts. Maze Women’s Sexual Health helps to break down the barriers women tend to face in everyday life when seeking answers, diagnoses, and treatments for their sexual health questions. Their team is dedicated to discussing sexual issues women may experience, and helps to assure women that what they are experiencing isn’t an isolated event they have to endure by themself. 

Moments With Jenny

momentswithjenny logo

Nothing comes easy in a relationship. For many women, it can be hard to overcome the hardships experienced in their relationships, marriage and even dating life. Fortunately, Jenny Dage, relationship coach and founder of Moments With Jenny is on a mission to help couples build lasting relationships and help reignite the spark again. Her work is broadly focused on dating, relationships, marriage, and intimacy, and her reach is centered around promoting healthy communication, and relationship efforts among couples and fostering lasting moments of intimacy. 

Natalie Rosen

natalieorosen logo

Dr. Natalie Rosen is a registered clinical psychologist who helps couples overcome challenges of sexual dysfunction, including a lack of arousal, difficulties having orgasms, erections, and or painful intercourse. Throughout the years, her work has helped hundreds of individuals and couples who have struggled to overcome bothersome sexual activity and the overall desire for individuals who seek to resolve problems related to their sexuality and sexual well-being. Her work can be found on her website, and anyone can access her Couples and Sexual Health Research platform to learn more about overcoming problems they may be having in the bedroom. 

Oh Joy Sex Toy

ohjoysextoy logo

Aside from selling and distributing high-quality sex toys for more than a decade, Oh Joy Sex Toy is host to a non-fiction comic series written and created by various artists, writers, and experts. Not only are some of the comics fun and easy to read, but they are a depiction of real-world scenarios that many people may have encountered over the years of adulthood, and in their relationships. You will find a selection of various comics ranging from overcoming body issues, gender turbulence, healing after birth trauma, and even things such as having children in a poly triad relationship. There is an everlasting colorful array of comics to read and can be a wonderful addition to anyone's literature that’s looking to learn more about the different ways people may experience relationships, trauma, and sexuality. 

Rachel Simeone

rachelsimeone logo

Dating after 40 comes with a set of unique challenges, and having to navigate all of these obstacles can often leave a person feeling distraught, pessimistic, and isolated. Rachel Simeone is a woman who can share in this sentiment, a person who had everything her heart desired, only for it to all come tumbling down more than ten years ago. Like many things in her life, Rachel used this as a learning curve and is now a dating and relationship coach helping women from all walks of life and ages overcome the barriers of entering the dating pool, and teaching them how to find healthy, happy, and “normal” relationships.

Rain DeGray

raindegrey logo

Rain DeGrey is passionate about demystifying sexuality, and is on a mission to educate the masses about kinks, relationships, and sex. She is an internationally known writer, educator, speaker, and presenter, and started her career as a fetish model and competitive wrestler more than 15 years ago. Rain has since branched out into education, something she is extremely passionate about. She has held discussions and covered various topics at Harvard University, Northwestern University, Adler University, and The Citadel, among many others. All of her content, both educational and for leisure reading, is fun and provides a different narrative for understanding kinks and the role they can play in relationships and our sex lives. 

Seattle Sex Therapist

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Jessa Zimmerman is a firm believer that sex plays an important role in couples' relationships and that it can make up about 20 percent of their relationship satisfaction. As a Seattle, Washington local and resident, Jessa is a licensed couples’ counselor, and nationally certified sex therapist. She is the author and writer of “Sex Without Stress: A Couple’s Guide To Overcoming Disappointment, Avoidance and Pressure.” Jessa is a sex-positive and LGBTQ+ counselor, helping couples and individuals of all sexual orientations overcome some of the most challenging aspects of their unique relationships and structures. She believes that anyone can become better through the necessary help and guidance, something she hopes to inspire in those that she helps.

Sexual Health Alliance

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The Sexual Health Alliance provides counseling and certification services for individuals interested in becoming licensed relationship and sex counselors. However, more than this, their platform helps to educate individuals about various topics relating to sexual health, intimacy, and relationships. Their content is well-researched, and the majority of the articles are written, or co-written by experts, which helps to give readers a different perspective on topics they often have a hard time finding answers to. 

She Spot

shespot logo

Founders Holly Jackson and Kalila Bolton started She Spot back in 2021 out of frustration with a market purely revolving around the male gaze and pleasure. Holly and Kalila turned their annoyance into a visionary online shopping destination for women, showcasing all the best new advancements in sex tech, sex toys, and female lubricants. Aside from selling some of the most trusted sex devices on the market, both Holly and Kalila further aim to help and educate people surrounding the importance of female sexual health, well-being, and intimacy. Their platform helps to connect women with expert advice, and resources aimed at answering some of their most burning questions surrounding sex and intimacy in their relationships.

Who Holds The Cards Now

whoholdsthecardsnow logo

Gregg Michaelsen spent years studying relationships and intimacy, observing elderly couples, and applying modern psychology to help better understand the role each person plays in a relationship, and how women can improve their attempts to find true love and build more secure relationships in the long term. Who Holds The Cards Now features several in-depth courses and an assortment of articles focused on helping women overcome the challenges, heartbreak, and difficulty of finding a partner in the modern world. Gregg is the author of several self-help and relationship books, helping to shed light on the importance of embracing womanhood and trusting your instincts when searching for true love. 

You’re Just A Dumbass

yourejustadumbass logo

Well, not completely! Originally, Clasrris Silva started You’re Just A Dumbass as a way to share her struggles with poor decision-making and the frustrations that come with dating patterns. After ten years of research, Silva developed a six-week system called Your Happiness Hypothesis, otherwise known as the H20 Method. Since then, Silva has gone on to become an internationally-known relationship and intimacy coach, and now helps women and men across the world to take planned risks to help build on their happiness and improve their quality of life. Silva is a behavioral scientist, researcher, and relationship coach with more than 17 years of experience in mental health, public health, and behavioral science. More than this, she is the founder of a research and consulting firm, Silva Solutions, that consults and provides research-based solutions for individuals and companies. 


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