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Top Blogs for Self Care in Women To Follow

In more recent years, self-care has become a process of establishing conscious and seemingly unconscious behaviors for creating holistic wellness promoting better health, and longevity and actively managing illness, disease, or other health-related risks. 

Basically, the best care is self-care, and for women, this can mean a lot of different things, especially for those nearing the age of menopause and postmenopause. In fact, research suggests that women will spend roughly a third of their lives in postmenopause, giving an increasing need for establishing self-care behaviors that can further promote wellness, and ensure the overall health of women, regardless of what their approach or view of self-care may be. 

Knowing the important role that self-care plays in a woman’s life, Femininity.Life has searched far and wide to find the best blogs and websites for women, of any age, to consider when looking to build, maintain, or even improve their self-care routines. 

In the following article, you’ll find a list of over 20 alphabetized blogs and websites for your reading pleasure. 

Brown Girl Self Care 

Brown Girl Self Care logo

For decades, beauty and self-care standards were skewed, excluding women representing minority groups. However, that is starting to change, and the founder of Brown Girl Self Care, Bre Mitchell is aiming to change this narrative with her platform that provides an unapologetic self-care movement that prioritizes black women. Mitchel shares that her website is a movement that works to empower black women, and provide them with the holistic tools and space they need to access healing, joy, wholeness, and abundance in a society that has refused to honor the humanity of black women. 

Christian Stress Management 

Stress Management Christian logo

Founded by physician and Christian counselor, Dr. Mirriam Kinai, Christian Stress Management offers holistic Christian counseling for everyone, and combines Biblical principles, medical techniques, and life skills. Dr. Kinai started her platform as a way to provide people access to online Christian counseling services that help train both the mind and the body. Dr. Kinai has experience in clinical training, including mind and body medicine from Harvard Medical School. Her past experience with stress management, and coping with the stress of everyday life has helped her to establish a place where anybody can seek the help and guidance they need. 

Christy Whitman 

christywhitman logo

Christy has more than 25 years of experience and has helped tens of thousands of people transform their lives through purposeful consciousness application, energy, and light. She considers herself a master coach, and energy healer and is a New York Times Best-Selling author of seven books. Christy is the founder of The Quantum Success Coaching Academy, which she founded back in 2008. Her work focuses on helping others become certified law of attraction coaches, and her experience sees her providing coaching in spiritual seeking, flow factor elite coaching, and peak performance coaching. 

Center For Stress and Anxiety Management logo

In 2022, roughly a quarter of American adults - 24.5 percent - with mental illness reported saying they were unable to receive treatment for certain disorders and illnesses. While this number has declined over the years, the lack of access to necessary resources, tools, and treatment remains a massive problem among adults in the U.S. The Center for Stress and Anxiety Management (CSAM) helps to bridge this gap and aims at helping children, teenagers, and adults overcome anxiety, PTSD, OCD, stress, and other clinical or mental health-related conditions. CSAM personnel provide a 360-degree value-based service that can help people develop the tools they need to handle and overcome some of life's most unspoken challenges. 

Dr. Happy logo

Being your best and happiest self is what life is all about, right? Well, you’re right, and Dr. Tim Sharp a.k.a Dr. Happy, an academic, clinician, and coach is working with companies, institutions, and organizations across the world to help spread the awareness of Positive Psychology. Dr. Sharp holds an impressive record of achievements, including the establishment of a Sydney, Australia-based clinical psychology practice, and is the founder of CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) at The Happiness Institute, an Australian organization for promoting and enhancing happiness in individuals, families, employees and across organizations. 

Evelyn Lim 

evelynlim logo

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) help to stimulate acupressure points in the body through pressuring, tapping, or rubbing. By applying this technique, and focusing on situations that may arouse fear or trauma, one can overcome the stress and anxiety that can lead to self-sabotaging beliefs. Evelyn Lim is a trained and professional transformation life coach and is an accredited EFT practitioner. With more than a decade of experience in helping and transforming women’s lives, Evelyn helps them break through their mindsets and leads them toward building greater relationships with self-love, self-confidence, and empowerment. 

Fit Mum Blog 

fitmumblog logo

The Fit Mum or My.Ultimate.Motivation (MUM) is a passion project of founder and health enthusiast, Kelly. For many parents, especially busy moms, finding the time to work in an hour or even 30 minutes of exercise can become a daunting task, simply because schedules are always packed, and too many responsibilities can cost a person their health and well-being, especially in the long-term. Kelly, a health club manager, and qualified personal trainer is hoping to change this narrative, and rather instill the mindset that exercise, even at an older age can be fun, and exciting and that there is always time and place for a quick fast-paced workout, regardless of how busy your schedule may be. 

Gabby Abigail logo

With a Business Degree in Accounting, a full-time job as an accountant, and running two businesses, including two blogs and an online shop, Gabby Abigail proves that a girl can have it all, and still have enough time to take care of two cavapoos, Bambi and Amor. Her lifestyle blog is dedicated to helping women uncover the beauty of personal growth, fitness, and faith. She is passionate about sharing and creating beautiful things and moments that will inspire others to live their best life and stay true to themself as much as possible. 

Gen Twenty 

gentwenty logo

Not everyone has everything figured out, and especially for younger people the realities of adulthood often come crashing down at an immense pace, leaving many feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and scared about the future. Fortunately, Gen Twenty is here to resolve some of these troubles and is considered as the twenty-something’s guide to life. Whether you’re looking for help on self-development, setting and reaching new goals, or simply wanting to practice more mindful self-care, Gen Twenty is here to help you figure out all of this stuff without feeling stuck, anxious, or frustrated. 

KB In Bloom logo

Kabrena Williams, unofficially, but affectionately known as KB holds a master's degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis, and has more than 12 years of working experience in the field of autism, brain injury, and gerontology. She has applied her expertise in other fields, such as mental health, helping people overcome certain challenges in life, and finding suitable ways for them to build up their personal lives, self-care, and careers. Today, she is the founder and editor-in-chief of KB In Bloom, a platform that helps to inspire others and obtain motivation through life’s simpler pleasures.

Live Bold & Bloom 

liveboldandbloom logo

Author and certified life coach, Barrie Davenport founded Live Bold & Bloom back in 2010, which has since become one of the most widely known websites and blogs for women, and men seeking guidance on personal development, self-improvement, and overcoming relationship challenges such as break-up, emotional abuse and more. Davenport’s work has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Huffington Post, and What’s more, two of her books have been featured as Wall Street Journals’ bestsellers. Davenport helps people find wholeness, and overcome insecurity with her courses and enables people to practice mindfulness and self-care more freely. 

Lynn Rossy 

lynnrossy logo

For more than two decades, Dr. Lynn Rossy has been working on transforming people's understanding of health, wellness, and mindfulness practices. Since early 2002, Dr. ROssy has been teaching Kripalu Yoga and is an Advanced Energy Medicine Yoga teacher. She is a health psychologist, and author of two books on mindful eating, moving, and living and teaches yoga classes both online and in-person. You can catch her at the odd yoga retreat in Costa Rica, now and again. Previously, Dr. Rossy was the President of The Center for Mindful Eating and holds the position of Executive Director of Tasting Mindfulness, a practice she founded and runs at her full capacity. 

Mama, Take Care logo

Former teacher, vacation lover, and now full-time business owner, blogger, and content creator, Sarah shares insight into the life and times of being a mother and all the troubles, aches, pain, challenges, joy, and happiness that come with having to tackle everyday tasks and responsibilities. Sarah started Mama, Take Care as a way to help other mothers and women, find balance in their schedules to establish a self-care journey, and to create techniques that will help them feel less stressed, and overwhelmed and take better care of themselves, their partners, and their children. 

Marc & Angel Hack Life logo

New York Times best-selling authors, professional coaches, and full-time students of life, Marc and Angel Chernoff have established a self-development blog that the people at Forbes Magazine have recognized as one of the most popular blogs for its category. Between Marc and Angel, they’ve spent the better half of the last 15 years developing courses, lectures, coaching individuals, and hosting events about strategies for finding happiness, success, love, and most importantly peace within yourself. They are the authors of well-known self-development books such as The Good Morning Journal, Getting Back To Happy, and 1000 Habits of Happy, Successful Relationships. 

Marie Forleo 

marieforleo logo

Dynamite woman, entrepreneur, business owner, coach, and podcaster, Marie Forleo has made a name for herself in recent years following the success of her award-winning show MarieTV and The Marie Forleo Podcast. Her training programs have helped her secure the number one spot on the New York Times best-selling book, and her audience spans more than 195 countries. Marie helps people overcome the challenges and self-doubt of embracing entrepreneurship, helping them dream big, and find meaning in their life through their work, relationships, and the people they interact with. 

Personal Excellence logo

For more than a decade, Celestine Chua, or Celes for short, has been helping students and adults through online courses and 1-on-1 coaching. Her work enables people to achieve their goals, let go of the past, find solace in their present, and attain the self-confidence they need to pursue their passions and goals. Since 2008, Celes has been the writer, editor, and content creator of Personal Excellence. Today, her work includes more than 600 articles, an assortment of podcasts, manifestos, infographics, and ebooks all available for free and online. 

Rachael Kable 

rachaelkable logo

Racheal Kable is a mindfulness coach, award-winning blogger, and host of The Mindful Kind Podcast. She is the brains behind a five-week mindfulness course that helps people overcome and manage their stress. Her work is practical, and functional and addresses key challenges within our society that are often overlooked or ignored. On her podcast, she speaks about stories and shares inspiration, tips, and ideas on how to foster a life surrounding love and honesty. Her ambitious approach will have you dreaming big, and empower you to take back control of your life, mind, and body. 

Self Care Pursuit logo

Health and wellness coach, Sarah Gibson shares her more than 15 years' worth of experience to help others understand their core values, identify and establish goals, and form healthy and positive values that can provide you with the energy and nourishment you need throughout the day. With real-world working experience as a healthcare provider, Sarah understands the need to overcome certain challenges and the frustrations of everyday life. Self Care Pursuit is a way to share and communicate lessons she’s picked up over the years. 

Self Love Empowers

selfloveempowers liogoAs a Christian Mindset Coach, Leslie-Ann hopes to empower women through her courses, and further help them break down barriers that often limit their beliefs. As the writer and editor for Self Love Empowers, Leslie-Ann communicates techniques that can help to overcome the barriers we tend to create ourselves and find answers to the things that leave us feeling stuck or frustrated. Her work includes one-on-one coaching and public speaking. She is also the author of several online courses and e-books that have been shaped around the importance of spirituality and how one can build more meaningful relationships with God.

The Black Girl Doctor 

theblackgirldoctor logo

Being a hardworking, professional black woman, looking for love, and happiness and achieving her goals can often be hard, especially in a world that isn’t always affirming. The Black Girl Doctor is composed of dozens of highly skilled psychologists, specializing in the mental health and well-being of black and African people. Their experts are available across the United States, and all of their licensed and registered psychologists can be contacted online, and provide remote consultations. The Black Girl Doctor considers itself to be a boutique therapy practice and works on improving, advocating, and promoting the mental health and wellness of the women in our world who are meant to do big things.

The Margalian logo

What started as an email chain among seven friends back in 2006, Maria Popova has since grown The Marginalian to become a record of reading and reckoning for finding meaning in life, and the realities of seeing the world through a lens of wonder. Although The Margalian has far surpassed the original handful of readers, Maria is proud to claim that it remains a one-woman labor of love that helps her and others find a more animated answer to some of life's puzzling questions. 



uncustomary logo

The hardest battles are often dealt to the world’s toughest fighters. This is at least true, to some extent, in Mary England’s reality, a published author, life coach, podcaster, event speaker, and team-building facilitator. Her challenging upbringing and the neglect she experienced throughout her teenage years had only later helped her establish her business Uncustomary, a platform dedicated to helping adults overcome the hardships of mental illness. Mary has worked at a psychiatric rehabilitation center for more than five years and has helped create curriculums, courses, and learning materials for adults struggling with mental illness. She is an online and one-on-one coach and has been helping others for more than ten years. 

Women Living Well After 50 

womenlivingwellafter50 logo

Living a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life doesn't have to stop the day you enter menopause, nor does it have to be defined by your age. At least, that’s how founder and certified life coach, health and wellness expert, and group fitness instructor, Sue Loncaric feels about life. Sue has established Women Living Well After 50 as a way to create a community that can help women find meaning during their aging years. Sue is a health and wellness coach and personal trainer and has developed several courses all focused around the beauty of living well after 50. 


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