Our Products for Vaginal Dryness

Sexual wellness equals wellbeing. It’s about more than sexy time. It’s how you feel about yourself all the time. Use the inner power of our sea buckthorn berry to boost yours. Femininity offers a pure, potent line of essential supplements for sexual and everyday self-care.

Smooth as Silk+

Time to shine with this power-packed blend of our wild-grown sea buckthorn oil rich with Omega 7 plus added Vitamin D3 and Omega 3 DHA. It hydrates and protects your vaginal lining (hello sexy time), plus supports your overall health and beauty.

First order includes refillable jar that you keep. For refills, order "Refill" (30 day supply)

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Smooth as Silk

Hello inner power. This is a pure take on deep down renewal. Made solely from our wild Himalayan sea buckthorn berry, this packs in Omega 7 plus other essential fatty acids and more. Great for hair, skin, and nails for an all-around glow up.

First order includes refillable jar that you keep. For refills, order "Refill" (30 day supply)

From $34.95

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Make the good times last.

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