Aging Like a Fine Wine or a Raisin?

Imagine a grape turning into a raisin. This is a great illustration of what can happen to your body as you age. Once a young woman, you were plump, juicy and ripe. As you hit menopause the once ripe grape is at risk of turning into the raisin — wrinkly, saggy and dry. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. If you had to choose aging like a raisin or a fine wine, which would you choose?


When you hit menopause, you become a victim of feminine dryness. Your body no longer creates enough moisture to lubricant your vagina. Dryness not only feels uncomfortable but, it also interrupts your sex life, creating a bad recipe for painful intercourse.

Along with having a dry vagina, your hair and skin also suffer from dryness. Your hair becomes dry and brittle –– all while slowly turning white. Sometimes, women also face problems of hair loss as they near their 50s.

However, if you choose to leave the path of feminine dryness and work a daily supplement into your routine, you won’t face dryness. Like a fine wine, what was once a simple grape is now a decadent part of special moments.


 Just like the plump grapes, as women age you may face losing the shape you were once so familiar with. If you’ve experienced the joys of child birth, there is the possibility that it will be expedited. During menopause areas of your body, like breasts, tend to swell and become slightly sore.

Much like a wine, you shouldn’t have to resort to ditching all your lacy bras — the things that make you feel sexy. By incorporating Femininity™ and a regularly workout routine, you won’t have to let go of the fine things in your life.

The Bright Side 

It’s very easy to get caught up in the negative sides of menopause. But time is not a curse. Without months to develop, wine wouldn’t be the timeless feature it has always been. Without the years of life under your belt, you wouldn’t be the wise and wondrous woman you now are. Incorporate Femininity™ into your daily routine, and you can keep on the bright side of life.

It’s like they always say, some things only get better with time.


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