Common Causes of Painful Sex

What you and your partner once looked at as a place of passion now feels like a torture chamber. Sex should be enjoyable and intimate, not painful and frightening. When it comes to common causes of painful intercourse, the main offender usually comes from STD’s. However, there are multiple other reasons as to why you and your partner may be experiencing these painful encounters.

From the most common ways, such as menopause and vaginal dryness, to more hidden causes, such as infections, here are some of the highest reported causes of pain in the bedroom and how to solve them.

Vaginal Dryness

 The most common cause of painful intercourse comes from a woman’s decreased estrogen levels. Vaginal dryness becomes an issue when the walls in the vagina are no longer producing lubricated fluid. This can be caused by menopause, stress, diabetes and child birth.

Declining estrogen levels can mean declining pleasure during sex, so it is best to combat the problem. Investing in lubricant can be a temporary solution. However, supplement pills and Omega rich foods can lead to the revival of a woman’s estrogen production.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

No one wants this to be the case, but unfortunately STD’s are a common cause for painful sex. The most dominant types of STD’s are genital warts and herpes sores, which can put a lid on anyone’s sexual drive.

While vaginal dryness can be treated using lubricant and supplements, STD’s are much harder to combat. The best way to narrow it down to the cause it by getting tested. STD’s can be temporarily treated, but safe sex should always be practiced to reduce the chances of infecting your partner.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 

If the cause of painful sex isn’t vaginal dryness and STD’s, there is a chance that the tissues deep inside the vagina have become inflamed. This is commonly caused by bacteria travel from the cervix to the upper genital tract. The proper diagnosis comes from consulting a doctor about medication and treatment options.

Don’t let painful sex put a wrench in your sex life. Take the necessary steps to revisit the pleasurable past once again.


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