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Exercise Recommendations for Menopausal Women

The symptoms that come with menopause can put a damper on your life. From vaginal dryness to painful intercourse, it’s not the most pleasant milestone in your life, but it is a necessary one. While you can use natural vaginal moisturizers such as Femininity™ to fight vaginal dryness, you should also be aiming to keep your health afloat during these tough times.

The best way to make sure your health doesn’t suffer during menopause is to create and maintain a proper exercise routine. Exercise not only lessens the symptoms of menopause, but it also keeps your health from declining. Here are some recommendations when it comes to exercising during menopause.

Finding the Drive

The hardest part about exercising is finding the motivation. Always remember that the end goal is to minimize the symptoms that are torturing you, and to keep your health at its peak. Finding the drive is the toughest task to accomplish, but once it’s done, there’s nothing keeping you from a healthy exercise routine, body and mind. Make sure that you load your routine with activities you enjoy.

Cardio Is Key

The most effective form of exercise for menopausal women is cardio. Anything from walking, jogging, cycling and water aerobics can improve your cardiovascular strength and lower the symptoms of menopause. It is recommended to do at least 30-minutes of cardio five-days each week.
Make sure you’re increasing the intensity of your exercise routines as you see fit. Eventually, 30-minutes may seem like you’re underworking yourself. At this point you can bump that time up to a 45 minute workout routine.

Be Cautious of Overworking Yourself

Exercise is important, but matters more than your well-being. If you’re especially prone to hot-flashes, overdoing cardiovascular exercises may make things worse. Yoga is a great alternative, as it has been shown that relaxation exercises combined with fast-paced breathing techniques may be more beneficial to you if you face extreme hot flashes. It’s all about finding the routine that fits your life best.



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