5 Fun Facts About the Sea Buckthorn Berry

5 Fun Facts About the Sea Buckthorn Berry

Though you may have never heard about the sea buckthorn, this berry-filled bush plant has been a staple in Chinese medicine for centuries. Even the powerful Mongolian leader Genghis Khan used sea buckthorn to recover from combat, and Dr. Oz has called it a “miracle berry” on his popular TV show.

The sea buckthorn berry has been known to treat arthritis, improve blood pressure, boost immunity, and more. We could go on and on about all the benefits of this thorny little bush that’s found in Europe and Central Asia, but here are five other fun facts you may want to know:

1. Sea Buckthorn Berry Contains 8 Times the Vitamin C Levels of Oranges

While drinking a glass of orange juice is a great way to get a natural dose of vitamin C, the more exotic sea buckthorn berry is here to trump the most cultivated fruit in the world. The berry contains 400 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams, while oranges contain just 53 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams.

2. When Eaten Alone, the Berries are Extremely Sour

The bright yellow color of the sea buckthorn berry is enticing, but just like a bright yellow lemon, sea buckthorn berries are extremely tart. The berry is said to taste like a pineapple without any of the sweetness (hard to imagine, right?), so it’s more palatable with a little sugar added.

3. Sea Buckthorn Berry is the Third Highest Source of Vitamin E of all Plants

As a healing treatment for scars and burns, anyone would be smart to take a daily dose of vitamin E. So it’s good to know that sea buckthorn berries are one of the leading ways to get the same powerful vitamin.

4. This Berry Isn’t Just “Horsing Around”

Like all plants, sea buckthorn berries have a Greek botanical name: Hippophae L., which comes from the Greek word for horse. The horse reference isn’t just coincidence—ancient Greeks used to apply sea buckthorn oil to the coats of their horses to make their hair shiny and strong. This use still works today, as sea buckthorn seed oil can be used to moisten and strengthen dry or damaged skin and hair.

5. Russian Cosmonauts Use Sea Buckthorn Oil to Heal Burns

When astronauts re-enter the earth’s atmosphere, things get pretty heated. Even when wearing extremely protective suits, astronauts get radiation burns before landing their space shuttles. Hence, Russian cosmonauts use sea buckthorn oil to help those radiation burns heal more quickly.

By now you’re probably convinced you need to get your hands on some of this miracle-working berry. At Femininity, we feel the same way, which is why we incorporate sea buckthorn in our supplements. Sea buckthorn berry is rich in Omega-7, making it an excellent means to relieve vaginal dryness. To learn more about our Top Femininity vaginal supplement, visit our website or contact us today.

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