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Five Tips for Traveling During Menopause

Vacations are like a gift from the heavens. Who doesn’t like taking a break from reality to go explore or relax somewhere far away from your everyday life? There really is nothing is better than planning and looking forward to vacation. Once the buildup is over and the day is here it’s almost impossible to contain your excitement.

Then you wonder if your menopause symptoms will flare up while you’re gone. Will you have a hot flash episode on the way there? Will you experience vaginal dryness when you cozy up to your partner in your fancy hotel room?

Here are five easy tips to make sure your vacation stays a vacation—even from menopause.

Stay Cool

Whether it means planning your vacay to somewhere cold (or not super hot), or planning ahead to pack a small hand fan, it’s important to make sure you keep your cool. Hot flashes are often triggered by excess heat. In addition, hot and humid places can dampen your clothes — and underwear — providing a breeding ground for bacteria, which results in vaginal dryness.

Don’t Over-Schedule

Vacations don’t always have to mean packing every day full of non-stop activities. Though some like it this way, during menopause shouldn’t be the time to do this. It can put unnecessary stress and pressure on your body that can result in fatigue and exhaustion. Try to draw a fine line between getting out and over-occupying yourself—take a break if needed.

Pack Light

When packing for your adventure, especially if you’re going somewhere warm, remember to pack light. Make sure to only pack the loose cotton and leave the synthetic fabrics at home.

Bring Lubricant

The mood could be perfect. With the cozy hotel room bed, the fancy candles and the amazing views out your window, what could possible go wrong? You don’t want a lack of natural moisture “down there” to stop you from having the best intimate evening with your partner. Pack lubricant to be prepared for all the sensual moments that await you.

Don’t let female dryness and painful intercourse ruin your vacation. Make your trip as dreamy as you imagined by simply planning ahead and packing the things important items you might need. Knowing what to expect and what to prepare for is the best way to make sure you aren’t dreading your own vacay by the end of it.



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