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Four Unusual Ways to Fight Aging

If you have gone to every department store in a 100-mile radius looking for the antidote for getting older with zero success, then you are probably oblivious to the alternative methods women are using to defy aging.

It’s easy to let menopause dryness, painful intercourse and the occasional hot flash make you feel like a piece of trash, but it doesn’t have to be like that thanks to these bizarre anti-aging methods.

Breast Milk Facials

Using breast milk to fight wrinkles is actually a very common way women get younger looking skin. Of course, if you don’t have your own source of breast milk, it is not recommended that you order it online. Try calling someone you know who is breastfeeding and see if they wouldn’t help you out with this unusual request.

Vampire Facelift

This method of anti-aging, also known as platelet enriched plasma therapy, involves getting two teaspoons of blood and separating the plasma out of it by spinning the blood in a centrifuge for about 10 minutes. The plasma is then injected into the person’s skin to fight against wrinkles and worry lines. Though it takes about three months to see the effects, it is thought to help the blood in the face clot and increase elastin growth.


Semen contains vitamins B, C and E along with other nutrients that play a beneficial role in healthy skin. Putting semen on your face how you would a normal facial is believed to leave your skin smoother and leave it free of wrinkles.

Snail Secretion

The secretions found in snail trails have been extricated and used for cosmetic products that create younger looking skin. This theory began when snail farmers began to notice their hands were smoother and small wounds were healing with minimal scarring after they had handled the snails. Natural snail secretions are rich in an anti-aging compounds allatonin and glycolic acid that remove layers of dead skin.

Next time a dry vagina has you down in the dumps, don’t go looking for commercialized products. Seek out unusual treatments to see better results.



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