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Hormones and Sex Drive — What Can You Do?

It’s good for your health. It will make you happier. With a healthy sex life, you will even be glowing. Unfortunately for many couples, there are countless things that hold them back from thriving in the bedroom. In fact, according to Cosmo, 57 percent of women prefer Facebook to sex — pointing out a disturbing problem, that your sex drive may be downright crying for help.

Low libido is too common, and far too many couples accept it (and the consequences that it may bring). Whether you’re dealing with a lack of desire or even simply vaginal dryness, these are some of the more common hormonal imbalances you can talk to your doctor about.

Why Worry in Your 30’s?

When we hear people talking about lack of hormones, it’s commonly assumed that the woman in question is going through menopause. The truth is, your hormones begin to change in your late twenties. It’s never too late to become your own medical advocate and take charge when it comes to preventative care.


This hormone is known as the major stress hormone of the body. Imbalances here vary from person to person. In addition to low sex drive, you may feel wired, overwhelmed, sugar and carb cravings, difficulty sleeping, a larger amount of stubborn belly fat, unstable blood sugar and skin conditions.

Thyroid Hormone

This organ that sits near your wind pipe isn’t often talked about, but its hormones are present in every single cell of your body. An underperforming thyroid won’t only result in a low sex drive, but also vaginal dryness, fatigue, weight gain, mood problems, headaches, dry hair, hair loss and decreased sweating.

Regain Normal

You don’t have to accept a low sex drive and vaginal dryness as a new normal. When you decide it’s time to fight back, start small by working in a daily supplement like Femininity™. Schedule a visit with your doctor to raise your concerns. Finally, work on creating a healthier routine for you and your family.





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