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How Does the Japanese Culture Beat Hot Flashes?

Only 7 percent of Japanese women suffer from hot flashes, which is 48 percent less than the amount of women living in the United States. Since such a small amount of women suffer from this menopausal symptom, the Japanese language does not even have a word or term for hot flashes.

Many believe this can be attributed mostly to the Japanese diet. So, if you are suffering from menopausal symptoms, consider visiting Japan or at least transitioning to a Japanese diet. This diet may not cure things such as vaginal dryness, but it will help with other symptoms.

The Use of Soy

Soybeans, among other beans, have genistein and daidzein—which are two ingredients known to have estrogen and help hot flashes. The Japanese diet uses more vegetable protein than meat protein, does not use much fat and includes a whole lot of soy products.

The reasons these foods are beneficial is that they contain a lot of phytoestrogens, which is a plant compound that has effects similar to female hormones.

What Else Other Than Soy?

Other than soy, women can boost their intake of calcium, magnesium and vitamin E rich foods. Some examples of these include green, leafy vegetables, nuts and whole grains or fresh vegetables. The reason these foods are beneficial is the amount of key electrolytes. They may not benefit someone suffering from painful intercourse, but it sure will help hot flashes.

Other Ways to Combat Menopause

Although many of the symptoms that result from menopause are annoying or interfere in a woman’s daily life, they do not have to put a woman’s life on hold. There are plenty of things a woman can do to benefit menopausal symptoms.

For example, she can increase her intake of water for hot flashes; she can exercise to fight off unwanted abdominal weight gain; and she can take supplements for feminine dryness.

Finally, for the adventurous woman, a trip to Japan may be the exact thing she needs.



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