does sex drive return after menopause

How to Get Back In the Sex Game

You may not want have sex during menopause — probably for multiple reasons. You suffer from night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, mood changes and weight gain. Because of these symptoms you probably haven’t had much, if any, motivation to enjoy your sex life. If you are postmenopausal and wondering how you can get back into the game, check out these tips.

Find a Good Lubricant

If you are trying to get back into the game, you will want to invest in a good lubricant. During and after menopause, women suffer from vaginal dryness. By investing in a good lubricant, you can stop suffering from dry vagina and improve your sex life. You can also reduce vaginal dryness by taking a daily vaginal moisture supplement.

Self-Confidence May Decline

You may have gained a couple of extra pounds due to slower metabolism during menopause. This may cause you to lack self- confidence. Boost your self-confidence by playing sexy music or by buying some new lingerie. This will help you boost your self-esteem and get both you and your partner in the mood.

Exercising Will Help

Exercising can actually increase your sex drive. Studies show that women who increase their exercise after menopause can increase libido. Working out and eating healthy will increase your mental health and increase your sex drive.

Sex Drive May Decrease

During menopause, you may lose your sex drive. This doesn’t mean you can’t change that. By changing your mindset, you can actually increase your sex drive. Change your mind set by being more adventurous and enjoying sex to the fullest.

Sex Life Won’t Change Too Much

The best news you will probably hear is that your sex life won’t change that much. Even if it has been a while, you can still get back into the game and enjoy sex. The plus side is that having more sex will make you want to do it more often — as if you needed more reason to get back into the game and enjoy this part of life again.



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