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How to Improve Vaginal Dryness so You’ll Feel Like a Superstar

If hearing the two words “vaginal dryness” makes your cheeks flush a bright cherry red and your skin clammy, then you can probably relate to the topic a lot more than you’d like to admit. There’s no need to worry.

A dry vagina is much more common than you might think and is caused by a variety of different things.

The Breakdown

Dryness “below the equator” can be caused by physiological factors, such as changes in hormones and side effects of medication, or by psychological issues, like low libido and anxiety. Though these are not the only causes, they are some of the most prominent among women. In order to treat your vaginal dryness, you must first find where the discomfort is coming from.

Hormonal Changes

Changes in hormones are one of the most common causes of dryness resulting from decreased estrogen levels during menopause, after childbirth or while breastfeeding. In addition, certain cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation to the pelvic area can lower estrogen levels and diminish natural moisture.


It is common that any medications that contain antihistamines can leave your body internally dryer, which results in a decrease of natural vaginal lubrication. The medications to be especially careful about are allergy and cold medications, as well as medications to treat asthma.


Because your vagina is sensitive, it can have bad reactions to a lot of different things that might carry allergens or bacteria. Soaps and perfume products are known to cause problems as well as underwear and towels.


Other factors that can interfere with sexual desire and cause vaginal dryness are emotional or psychological factors. High levels of stress or anxiety, for example, not only make you less libidinous, but they also don’t allow for sufficient blood flow, resulting in dryness.

The Cure

Now that you know some of the common causes of dryness, it’s important to know how to treat and prevent dryness. Treatment for a dry vagina varies depending on the cause. Women who experience dryness problems due to hormonal changes benefit greatly from estrogen therapy or supplements, such as Femininity™.

Those women who suffer from psychological factors must be wary during times of high stress and know the signs of your body. For these women or women who need temporary relief, lubricants and over-the-counter vaginal moisturizers are a good way to minimize vaginal dryness and feel like the superstar you are.



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