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Is Coconut Oil Helping or Hurting My Menopause?

Coconut oil—it’s the cure all that painted your Facebook timelines for nearly a year. It could be used as a healthy alternative to butter when you were cooking, a sweetener for your coffee or even a moisturizer for your hair and skin. It seemed like everyone was talking about this miracle substance. But the buzz eventually died down.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2017 that coconut oil began getting questioned. Is it really healthy? What should it be used for? You’d be surprised to learn that this natural substance can be used to help eliminate your current menopause dryness.

The Benefits of the Oil

Menopause is not a problem to solve, but instead a natural biological process. It makes sense that natural solutions should be your answer when dealing with this change. Coconut oil has long been used by Pacific Islanders as medicine. These natural oils don’t come with the same side effects as hormone replacement therapies.

How to Use It

By incorporating coconut oil (a healthy fat, much like avocados) into your diet, you can help control hot flashes that once ruined your life. Work one to two tablespoons into your daily diet, through cooking or drinks like coffee.

If you’re looking for a natural lubricant for when you choose to get intimate, coconut oil can do that as well. This oil is sold around the globe, making it easily accessible. As with the skin on your face, this will treat dryness and soothe the surface area of the vagina. Because it’s antibacterial and anti-fungal, you’re at little risk for yeast infections.

For everyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with this intimate use, there is always Femininity™, a natural end to painful intercourse.

Moderation Is Key

Just like everything in life, moderation is key. You can’t apply coconut oil to every scrape and ailment. When you’re dealing with vaginal dryness, coconut oil alone isn’t enough. That’s where Femininity™ supplements that work from the inside out come in.

As with all treatments, contact your doctor if your symptoms get more serious. The use of coconut oil and Femininity™ aren’t for everyone—find what works for you.



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