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Learn About Treating Menopause Before It Even Happens to You

Getting older as a woman has a great number of positives. You no longer have your kids at home, so you’re able to focus on your career and hobbies. You actually have money to spend. You’re able to focus on yourself and your relationships with loved ones. However, not everything about growing old is positive.

Getting older as a woman also means welcoming menopause and its many symptoms. Symptoms such as: feminine dryness, painful intercourse, mood swings and hot flashes. As unfortunate as those symptoms are, there are things you can do to prevent them.

Here at Restore Femininity we want you to learn about how to prevent these symptoms before you start experiencing them so you know what to do when the time comes.

Use Femininity Pills

Vaginal dryness occurs when your vagina starts to have less and less mucous. Femininity’s formulation of Omega 7 fatty acids contributes to the moisture levels in the body, restoring the decrease of mucous feminine dryness no longer dry. So say goodbye to dry, itchy and painful and say hello to a rejuvenated body.


When menopause becomes part of your life, it can add stress and confusion and you start to experience new emotions and experience uncomfortable symptoms. Exercise is known to relieve stress and enhance your overall quality of life.

In addition to increasing energy and lowering your cholesterol level and high blood pressure, exercise can also help with menopause symptoms. Regular exercise is an excellent way to reduce weight gain and loss of muscle mass, which are two frequent symptoms of menopause.

Know Your Triggers

Hot flashes are a common symptom for women experiencing menopause. Try to notice what triggers your hot flashes, and then avoid those things. Possible triggers to consider could be alcohol, stress, caffeine or even spicy foods.

Here at Restore Femininity we want to help eliminate some of your symptoms of menopause so that you can go on with your life without unnecessary pain and worry.

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