Look Through Your Underwear Drawers When You Start Menopause

Look Through Your Underwear Drawers When You Start Menopause

Most women love to go underwear shopping. Lacy panties can be a treat for many women (not just their partners). These items can be cute, sexy and comfortable—and for most women, going out of their way to spend on a self-esteem boost can alter her entire day.

The underwear a lady wears can have a large impact on her vaginal health, especially once she reaches menopause. As you enter this age of wisdom and development, the undies you wear can heighten your risk for vaginal dryness or yeast infections. Research different styles and different materials to find a pair that relaxes your menopause dryness while simultaneously making you feel sexy.


There is no “right” choice when it comes to underwear. Each type of clothing material affects people differently, and can easily alter your downstairs. However, organic cotton is probably your best choice. You can wear cotton for any activity, whether you’re going to the movie theater or going to the gym. You can also throw your cotton undies into any load of laundry and they will be washed without worry.

Most importantly, as a woman who experiences multiple hot flashes a day, cotton breathes better than any oil based synthetic fabric you might wear; it wicks away moisture so you can keep cooler during those episodes.

Calming Fit

Some panties styles can protect against vaginal dryness better than others. If you’re experiencing a lot of discomfort from a dry vagina, search for briefs, bikini and boxer fits. Traditional briefs offer full coverage and prevent chafing. Boxers are boyish and a bulky under clothing, but the perfect pair for lounging. Bikinis are the sexier choice and provide great coverage, too.

Irritating Fits

High-cut underwear and thongs can provide you even more discomfort. High-cut undies may pull the material too far into the vagina, and the rubbing could cause irritation. Thongs sit closely next to the vagina and have a high tendency to provoke urinary tract infections for all women who wear them. So, women experiencing dryness and wearing a thong would have an even higher risk.

You can still find sexy, comfortable underwear; just be mindful of its effects on your vagina and your comfort. Once you start perimenopause, treat yourself to a shopping trip for some new undies. You’ll thank yourself later.



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