Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life After Menopause

It may seem like the end of the world when it comes to menopause. With vaginal dryness, mood swings and irregular menstrual cycles that will soon halt, the body has to adjust to this new way of life. This not only affects your physical being, but you may start wondering about the future as well.

Many women facing menopause worry that this marks the end of their sex life. While some are concerned about the commencement of vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and a reduced sex drive, there are ways to combat these effects.

The truth is, not everything you hear about menopause is true. While there are a few inevitable occurrences, there are also some myths that you might have heard.

Your Sex Life May Not Change Drastically

A professional by the name of Dr. Bosky once said, “The best predictor of having a good sex life after menopause is having a good sex life before menopause. Women who are happy with their premenopausal sex life are a lot more likely to be able to maintain that satisfaction post menopause.”

In other words, if you and your partner had a great sex life before menopause, there is nothing to worry about. You might just have to work a little bit harder.

Lubrication and Thinning Walls

As a woman’s estrogen levels begin to decrease, moisture is lost and the vaginal walls begin to thin. Thinner walls along with vaginal dryness can lead to excruciating intercourse if you and your partner do not properly prepare.

The best way to fight this is to invest in quality lubricant and estrogen boosting supplements. Lubrication and increased moisture from these supplements will result in safer and more pleasurable intercourse.

Continue to Be Cautious

In between all the fun, always remember that until you’ve been reassured by your doctor, the risk of pregnancy and STD’s is still present. Vaginal dryness seems like a nightmare, but that is nothing compared to the risk of contracting an STD or facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Remember to practice safe sex, always, no matter your age.

You Aren’t Going to See Dramatic Changes in Vaginal Image

The famous myth going around when it comes to menopause is “shriveling up.” Though vaginal dryness is common, dramatic physical changes to the vagina are not. Many women won’t notice change at all and if they do it is usually minor.

Don’t stress about losing your drive get to understand intimacy for both of you and your partner. Maintaining a healthy sex life after menopause is only as difficult as you make it.


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