The stages of intimacy in marriage

The Stages of Intimacy

Intimacy is best described as close familiarity to another person, such as a lover or partner. While every relationship consists of intimacy, the different stages that come with it can determine just how intimate it will get. There are various stages a relationship goes through, from the “honeymoon” phase to “true love,” it’s important to recognize that there will be rough patches in any relationship.

These issues can come in the form of emotional challenges due to arguments and fights, to more physical issues such as vaginal dryness, which would impact your sex life by leading to tension and frustration. There are ways to get past these issues, such as talking out your problems and investing in vaginal moisturizers for the more physical issues.

Here are the stages you’ll most likely go through in your relationship.

Infatuation and “Honeymoon” Stages

This is the earliest stage of the relationship. This is where you can’t stand being away from your significant other and spend countless hours dreaming about him or her and text them all day. A relationship is exciting at first, so it comes as no surprise that love will blind you.

During this stage of the relationship, you might not know too much about your partner—all that matters is that you’re “in love” and in a relationship.

The “Landing” Stage

This is where your head begins to leave the clouds. During this stage of the relationship, you will begin to see things in your partner that you may love and other things that you might find unbearable. This is where you finally see just what you’ve gotten yourself into.

This stage can make or break your relationship, as it is when you will know if you and your partner are meant to be. While you shouldn’t let physical things get in the way, such as finding out your partner may experience vaginal dryness (which could lead to painful intercourse if not treated), make sure you really dig into their personality, mannerisms and just how they live in general.

Finding Love or Failure

This is where you find out if you’ve found “The One.” Once you’ve gotten past the rocky road (for now), you’re ready to accept your future with this person. You’ve accepted their quirks and flaws, and are ready to spend countless hours listening to each other’s problems and stories of how the day went.

Intimacy isn’t achieved overnight, to really feel it, you have to get through the many stages in a relationship.



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