Maintaining Your Health During Menopause

Maintaining Your Health During Menopause

We should be watching our health no matter what stage of life we are in. From childhood to adulthood, developing a healthy lifestyle will aid in the strengthening of your body, immune system and your mind. Routine exercise and healthy eating habits become even more important as you start getting closer to menopause. Not only do you have to be able to fight vaginal dryness, but it becomes imperative that you start monitoring things like cholesterol levels and weight gain/loss.

Of course, beating menopause doesn’t just mean exercising and eating your greens, one must also monitor their mental health as well as their sex life to stay healthy all around.

Maintaining Your Physical Health
Studies have shown that women experiencing menopause can gain a minimum of five pounds, with a chance of higher levels of gain if they don’t do something to control it. This is where it becomes crucial to develop an exercise and diet plan.
Regular exercise will help you with weight control as well as act as a natural form of destressing. Aside from this, exercise has also been shown to increase moisture in the body, helping combat vaginal dryness.
A well-balanced diet will keep those cholesterol levels in check, reducing the risk of heart disease. It is recommended that you include whole grains, leafy vegetables, nuts and cold pressed oils in your diet.

Strengthening Your Mental Health
You can’t have proper physical health without maintaining your mental health. If you aren’t getting enough sleep and you aren’t eating healthy, you won’t have the energy to exercise. Making sure you are getting enough sleep is the best way to ensure balance to your health.

Avoid caffeine, large meals and heavy exercise before bed, as this can disrupt your sleeping habits. There is nothing worse than knowing you should be asleep but not being able to.

If you find yourself facing irregular anxiety levels or depression, seek ways to destress yourself. These activities can include reading, hiking or talking to a friend. If nothing seems to be working, seek help from a counselor or your local doctor. There is no shame in wanting professional guidance, whether it is due to vaginal dryness or signs of mental instability.

Maintaining Your Sex Drive
It is common for women who are going through menopause to experience a waning sex drive. This is commonly due to decreased estrogen levels, leading to inflammation of the vaginal walls and vaginal dryness. The best way to ease these symptoms is by taking supplements and oils that aid in moisturizing the vagina.
Another strategy is to make sex a priority. Regular intimate activity can decrease the chances of an uncomfortably tight and dry vagina.

While watching all aspects of your health, from vaginal dryness to cholesterol levels, may seem unmanageable at first, it will soon become routine and help you stay happy and healthy during this transition.


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