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Menopause for Males – What to Expect

For many men, menopause can be a stage of questions and uncertainty for their partners health. As your partner is experiencing this, there will be many new challenges to face together.

Mood Swings

As this transition is occurring, there will be times where your partner may be having some days that are filled with vaginal dryness and a desire to stay curled up in bed. As the estrogen and progesterone surge through their body, these symptoms are likely to occur. Also, as this process is going through its steps, poor nights of sleep are bound to occur. A lack of sleep is bound to make someone a bit crabby.

Patience and Intimacy

In this process, sex can sometimes be a difficult process. With symptoms such as vaginal dryness can lead to painful intercourse. Due to the fluctuation of estrogen levels, there may be issues having sex. Also, while menopause is occurring, your partner may have shifting levels of interest in having sex. Even after menopause, there is a chance for post menopausal dryness.

Emotional Support

Many women during this process experience a lack of self-confidence. As simple as it may sound, supporting your partner by encouraging her in her appearance will go a long way. An example of how to boost your partners emotional support is to ensure that she is always reassured in her appearance, going the extra mile to let her know how much you appreciate her and supporting her through menopause

Every Experience Is Different

While there are many different symptoms and levels of symptoms, each woman’s experience is different. As your partner is experiencing various symptoms, consulting with a medical professional is always recommended to seek best treatment.   

This process will not be an overnight process. Some days will be worse than others. As always, supporting your partner will be your best bet.

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