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Menopause in the Winter

The cool wind whistles through the crisp leaves, causing them to rustle. Some fall and gather on the ground below. You watch from the window with excitement. The changing of leaves can only mean one thing: cold weather is on the horizon.

Since you started going through menopause, fatigue, vaginal dryness and hot flashes have been the bane of your existence, especially hot flashes. Just the thought of soft snowfall in the backyard is enough to make you smile. Hold the celebration, though. Even though winter is a wonderland, doesn’t mean it has the answer to all your problems. Unfortunately, that includes hot flashes.

On the bright side, you can still take your Femininity™ pills to combat the feminine dryness year round. However, you’ll have to find a better way to cope with hot flashes during the winter.

Cold Weather Can Make Hot Flashes Worse

It’s intuitive to assume that since hot flashes are hot and winter is cold, winter could be a remedy for hot flashes. However, this isn’t the case. In fact for many, the winter can be more problematic when dealing with hot flashes even though it doesn’t affect vaginal dryness.

Imagine you go out to shovel your walkway. You’re all bundled up in warm winter clothes and you’re working up a sweat as you plow away the heavy snow. You aren’t too worried because it’s cold outside and that should keep you cool enough to prevent a hot flash—or so you think. The second you step into your hot house, expect a wicked hot flash.

Be Prepared for the Cold

Don’t panic, though. You can still fantasize about the joys of winter. You just need to be prepared. Try to avoid transitioning between extreme cold and hot environments. Wear layers, so you can easily shed some layers if you feel a hot flash coming on. Keep some cold water with you as well. This will help you manage hot flashes from the inside out.

While the weather shifts and it starts getting cold outside, do your best to keep yourself cool inside, as well. Keep up on your Femininity™ pills as well so you don’t have to suffer from painful intercourse in addition to all your menopause struggles.



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