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Myths About Menopause

Menopause can sound rather scary. Women’s bodies go through many changes throughout their lives, menopause being one of them. When you go through puberty, have kids or start menopause, your body is making rather drastic changes.

The symptoms for menopause may sound terrible to go through. Some of these symptoms include: dry vagina, painful intercourse, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats and irregular periods. There have been many myths that make menopause sound way worse than it really is. Now you can clear up any misconceptions you have about menopause.

Myth #1: You Won’t Have a Sex Drive

When women are going through menopause, a common misconception is women will lose their sex drive. They will experience a decrease in libido and estrogen. This causes vaginal dryness.

If they are dealing with dry vagina, women may experience painful intercourse. It is possible to rid vaginal dryness. By taking daily supplements, within a few days or up to 90 days, women will feel back to normal and able to enjoy intercourse without pain.

Myth #2: Pack on the Pounds

Another myth is when women are going through menopause, they will gain a lot of extra weight—especially around their midsection. Metabolism slows down, but you don’t have to put on the extra pounds. Be more conscientious of your portion size and try to exercise at least three times a week. This will help you keep off the pounds, and maybe even lose a few.

Myth #3: Deal with the Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms women experience during menopause. While you may experience hot flashes, you don’t have to suffer through them. There are many non-hormonal supplements to help reduce the intensity of hot flashes. One easy way to reduce the intensity is by drinking some sage. Sage can have estrogen-like effects on your body, minimizing the intensity of hot flashes.

Don’t suffer through menopause. It is something to accept and understand it is just another part of life. Take control of the symptoms and embrace menopause.


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