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Openness Surrounding Women’s Health

For too long women have suffered menopause in secret. In the past, people didn’t even believe menopause was real. It was viewed as a myth or rumor. At one point, menopause was even thought of as a disease. Vaginal dryness was considered a kind of sickness. Once a woman started menopause, it was as though her life was over.

We know now that menopause is a normal and natural occurrence in the life of a woman. But is the lack of openness on the subject helping those going through menopause? Or is it just forcing them to continue suffering in secret?

Should We Be Talking About It More?

 Going through menopause can be an emotionally charged time. Maybe talking about it isn’t the solution, because it can easily bring up feelings of inadequacy. However, people should be educated better about menopause and what kind of changes will be taking place. Husbands should know about the effects of menopause including vaginal dryness. Your wife may not want to have sex because of how painful it can be.

Most men don’t know anything about vaginal dryness during menopause and they can get irritated because of the decrease in sex. Without an understanding of how menopause works, men can become upset and impatient with this situation.

How Should We Educate About Menopause?

 In a perfect world, there would be some sort of program that teaches men and loved ones how to patiently work with women through menopause. If vaginal dryness is becoming a major hurdle in a relationship. There are avenues to helping bring moisture back to those dry areas. Specifically, supplements high in Omega-7. If you’re interested in Omega-7 products, check out Femininity™.

As understanding increases regarding menopause and vaginal dryness, husbands and families will learn to be more patient. With this newfound openness, we may even lead to better treatment and medicine to help women feel more comfortable and confident while going through menopause.

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