Should We Change Our Self-Cleaning Routine?

As the seasons change, there are many aspects in your life that change too. As the weather starts to get colder you clean your house and prepare it better for colder weather, you bring out the warmer clothes and eat every pumpkin-inspired dessert you can think of. You make changes to your routine when the seasons change, but should you make a change to your cleaning routine below the belt?

Dry Vagina

As the temperature drops, the humidity in the air decreases. When the humidity in the air decreases, this can cause changes in your vagina. Less humidity can result in dry vagina. If you suffer from vaginal dryness due to changes in the weather, it is important to take daily vaginal moisture supplements. These supplements will eliminate vaginal dryness by increasing the mucous to hydrate your vagina.

Too Many Layers

While the dry air may cause vaginal dryness, moisture can also be a bad situation. When the air gets colder, we tend to wear more and more layers to bundle up. While this keeps us warm, it creates moisture down under. Wear breathable and loose clothing down there to eliminate moisture and any further problems.


Fall has the best treats. Everything turns pumpkin flavored. There are pumpkin spice cookies, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie and let’s not forget Halloween candy. Be cautious of how much sugar you consume. Eating sugar can make you more prone to yeast infections.


During the colder months, women tend to ease up on shaving down there. This will allow you and your vagina to feel more comfortable. Shaving and waxing can cause a lot of discomfort. Give yourself a break and don’t shave during the winter. There is nothing wrong with a little more hair down there.

As the season changes, be more aware of what is happening down there. If it is too moist or to dry, make necessary changes to improve your vaginal health. Fall is a fun time of year. Don’t be uncomfortable down there all season long.



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