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Stick Together – Women Building Up Women

Being a woman is a special thing. The limits are endless for women when deciding who they want to be. If a woman wants to be a mom and give birth to a living being, that is their right. If a woman wants to focus on her career and keep her romantic life on the back burner, that is great too. If a woman decides that she wants a family and a super awesome job, more power to her.

For women to build each other up, there needs to be an underlying understanding of the abundance of similarities between them as well as the appreciation for all the qualities that make each woman unique from the next. At the end of the day, women have similar thoughts and experiences, like vaginal dryness, and can use that understanding to build each other up.

No Need for Competition

Women understand each other. It is a great feeling if you consider half of the population to be on your side. There is no need for women to be competing against one another—everyone is unique and incomparable to the next person. Therefore, if you take out the idea of women competing against one another, there is nothing but room for encouragement.

Women Get It When Men Don’t

Men will never fully understand what women are going through, like the experience of vaginal dryness. They may try, and it’s appreciated, but it is just not the same. This is why it is important for women to stick together, understand each other and support each other.

Start a Movement

If you grasp and value the amazing opportunity it is for women to encourage women, then you should do something about it. Get a group of girls together and talk about the daily challenges you face as a woman, like vaginal dryness, or talk about the successes you have won. All you have to do is appreciate the individuality that each woman possesses while bonding together as women.

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