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Symptoms You’ll Deal With Post-Menopause

Understanding how to take care of your body is a lot of pressure, but it absolutely necessary to lead a long and happy life. For many women, after menopause has already happened it can take some serious adjusting to find the newest version of normal. You’re not just dealing with post menopausal dryness at this point.

Here are the most common symptoms you will continue to experience after menopause is gone. Take this new transition with grace as you learn to manage.

Decreased Libido

Menopause was bad enough because of the dryness and painful intercourse you regularly experienced. However, though that cycle of life is past, your recent changes in estrogen can cause you to feel less motivated to get intimate.

Communicate with your partner. Find new ways to get romantic with each other. If you find you’re experiencing post menopausal dryness, continue taking your Femininity™ supplement.

Bone Loss

After you’ve dealt with the joy of menopause, you’ll be at increased risk of developing osteoporosis. In your post-menopausal years, this can lead to hip fractures and other more serious problems. Take preventative measures now to increase the amount of calcium and vitamin D you’re getting. This can be found in yogurt, milk and orange juice.

Memory Lapses

You’re not just “getting old.” As your hormones have changed, you may notice that you experience more forgetfulness and memory glitches.

You can avoid this by eliminating high fat and sugary foods that will make you feel tired. In addition to that, make sure you’re getting plenty of exercise for both your brain and body. Doing puzzles, reading books, developing new skills and even learning musical instruments can help.

The Reality

At this point in your life, post menopausal dryness isn’t going to be your only concern. If you haven’t adjusted your health care routines, you’re at greater risk for heart disease. Make minor changes in your day like taking proper supplements, eating right, getting plenty of sleep and enjoying new experiences with your partner.



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