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The Bright Side of Menopause

Many women see menopause as the end of an era, for good reason too. Menopause often comes with a plethora of negative symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and vaginal dryness. These side effects can be soul-crushing.

However, there is a side to menopause many people don’t often see—a silver lining on this raincloud. For starters, medical advancements have made it possible to suppress or even cure these physical changes. Even then, there are plenty of physical and emotional benefits to make your life better than ever before.

No More Period

For starters, you can say goodbye to your period. Gone are the days of bloating, cramps and other physical pains. You won’t ever have to buy a tampon, period pad or anything of the sort. This knowledge alone can be comforting to many women. Think back on all the menstrual horror stories that you’ve experienced firsthand and take solace in the fact that they can’t happen to you ever again.

As Much Sex as You Want

Painful intercourse can be a problem many women face when going through menopause. The good news is that there are pills that can help lubrication and on top of that you don’t need to worry about accidentally getting pregnant any more.

For some women this can be a somber feeling. But on the other hand, this fact can be absolutely liberating. There’s no more planning your sex life around pills and condoms. You are now free to be as spontaneous as you please.

Empowered Independence

Many women often report a feeling of independence and power stemming from the change. There is now a community of women that have been through exactly what you’re experiencing. This enables you to make new friends and even find new role models to help you become a better person when you come out the other side.

When faced with adversity women always prevail. There isn’t anything that can stop you. Menopausal dryness doesn’t stand a chance. Go on and be your best self.



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