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The Truth Behind Fertility

You’ve probably heard it before, you have to get pregnant before the age of 35 if you want to have kids. Women everywhere are panicking at the thought of missing their chance to become mothers, so they rush into something they aren’t ready for. While the media and “scientific studies” have you believing that 35 is when your fertility will plummet, the truth is you should only start worrying when you’re starting to get closer to menopause.

This can usually start around your late 40’s to early 50’s.When should you start worrying and how did this myth come to be? While vaginal dryness and the need for vaginal moisturizers might scare you into thinking it’s the end, there are various reasons as to why you aren’t producing lubrication. Stress, anxiety and certain medications could be the cause of your painful intercourse.

Here are some facts that should clear up any worries you might have about fertility.

These “Studies” Are Ancient

You might be thinking these studies were performed by top of the line researchers and taken from a group of modern women, but in reality, they came from rural French census records from the 1600’s. No wonder the age for infertility was 35, this was a time period before modern medicine, fertility treatments and a time where women’s husbands were sent off to war.

Today, a woman in her late 20’s has an 86 percent chance of getting pregnant. By age 37, the chances of getting pregnant do lower, but only by four percent — dropping the chances down to a high 82 percent.

If You’re Healthy, You’re Fertile

A good way to tell if you can still have a baby is by your health. If you are still having regular menstrual cycles and are in good health, it doesn’t matter if you’re in your late 30’s, chances are you can still become pregnant.

There really is no set age for having a child, as long as you do it before menopause hits. The only thing preventing you from becoming a mother is outdated research and unnecessary stress.



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