3 Reasons Why Vaginal Dryness is Ruining Your Sex Life

3 Reasons Why Vaginal Dryness is Ruining Your Sex Life

Though many women associate vaginal dryness with menopause, there are actually many other factors that can bring on this highly uncomfortable condition.

Vaginal dryness can often be caused by changes in hormones and begin to show its negative effects in your intimate relationship.

Don't let dryness ruin your intimacy.

Clearly, a well lubricated vagina is an important element for having enjoyable intercourse. With that said, let’s look further at three reasons why vaginal dryness is ruining your sex life.

1. Sex Is More Painful

Simply put, sex is more painful for women suffering from vaginal dryness. A woman may experience more pain during penetration, and also have burning, itching, and general discomfort in the vaginal area after sex. Any friction to the area is much more uncomfortable when there is a lack of lubrication. Some women even bleed lightly during sex and may be diagnosed with urinary tract infections more frequently.

2. Self-consciousness May Lower Your Libido

When sex is uncomfortable, most women start avoiding the act. But vaginal dryness may also affect a woman’s confidence in the bedroom by making her feel self-conscious during sex. This self-consciousness isn’t something to silently suffer through alone, as if it only affected one partner. Most partners will recognize a change, and may feel uncomfortable themselves. Hence, vaginal irritation and dryness often lead to a lowered libido.

3. Reduced Intimacy Can Hurt Your Relationship

All couples have different needs when it comes to frequency of sex, and all couples go through different seasons when their sex life ebbs and flows. But if a woman has a lowered libido because of vaginal dryness, the reduced intimacy could really do emotional damage to the relationship.

Sex is certainly a physical pleasure, but it fulfills many emotional needs too. Because of the dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins released during sex, a decrease in the deed can lead to more fighting, higher stress levels, and lack of attachment to your partner.

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