how to increase intimacy in a marriage

Ways to Improve Your Intimate Relationship

Intimacy is the key to any relationship. Without it, tensions start to rise and you might find yourself wondering where the sweet, caring and loveable partner you once had has gone. Not only does intimacy play a huge role in your healthy relationship, but it also helps you as a partner maintain healthy emotional, mental and physical health.

There are ways to improve your relationship if you find it has lost its spunk. Maybe you’re experiencing painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness, causing tension when it comes to the physical intimacy in your relationship — vaginal moisturizers such as Femininity™ can bring in that much-needed help.
However, sex is only a part of your relationship. Many couples find that feelings of intimacy are lost due to neglect and loss of communication. Here are some of the most effective ways to revive your relationship.

Focus on Your Partner
This is the most obvious solution when it comes to relieving tension in a relationship. The main reason people get into a relationship is to find companionship; without physical and emotional investment, there can be no relationship. Find time in your schedule to be with your significant other — if you want your relationship to work, make it your number one priority.
A date night can be the best way to spend time together, you can go out to a movie, have dinner or even just have a night in. Whatever works, as long as you and your partner are together.

Make Your Goals Clear
Confusion plays a huge role in a stressful relationship. It is important for you and your partner to communicate with each other on your goals, what makes you happy and what you plan to get out of your relationship. Knowing what upsets one another and how you can work toward fixing the issues can greatly boost your relationship.

When you feel like it’s getting tough, remember that effort on both ends can lead to some terrific results. Intimacy is the key to a successful relationship.



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