can you use vicks as a lubricant

Why Do Women Use Vicks Vapor Rub?

You’re looking for the definition of a word, so you Google it. After painstakingly dealing with a headache, you check the internet for an answer. When trying to decide whether or not to buy something on Amazon, you look at the reviews other users have left.

The internet has become a wonderful hub for all kinds of information. However, thanks to the spread of false or dangerous answers, this is both a blessing and a curse. Many women who deal with vaginal dryness, odor or discomfort have stumbled across one more piece of misinformation, and doctors are rushing to correct it.

Vicks VapoRub

The smell of this item shoots you back to long before your days of feminine dryness. This time machine reminds you of those hours spent sick at home. Thanks to forums and advice blogs, this topical ointment is now being used by countless women as the quick vaginal hygiene fix.

Ladies everywhere are touting the effectiveness of this VapoRub to reduce vaginal odor or clear up yeast infections. On top of that, some women have begun to use this ointment as a substitution for lubrication, to “enhance their sex life.”


You may have wrestled with vaginal dryness over the years—most women do. But once you learn to manage that area of your life, you’ll learn to appreciate this part of your body. The vagina is an incredible machine. If you’re healthy, this organ will clean itself and maintain a healthy pH.

Doctors around the world are warning that using this product in a way that’s not intended can cause things like yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. Though you may feel like you’re receiving temporary relief, it is actually making things worse. If you’ve used this product incorrectly, it is recommended to wash it off with unscented soap.

A vagina can be the source of insecurities, but there’s no need for that. The truth of the matter is with a little daily care, a vaginal moisture supplement (like Femininity™) and some time, your vagina will soon become your best friend.



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