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Why You Should Be Excited for Menopause

Though your lifestyle generally changes before, during and after menopause, many women love the change inside of them after this phase of life. Even though menopause is coupled with vaginal dryness, insomnia and painful intercourse, it also brings a lot of positive, hassle free things along with it, too.

If you go through menopause with a glum attitude and mindset, you will see your life as more of a challenge than a gift. That is sure to result in some gloomy months. Give yourself something to look forward to as a woman going through menopause.

The Bedroom

Your life in the bedroom is about to get a whole lot different knowing that you and your partner no longer have to worry about getting pregnant. Though vaginal dryness is a primary symptom of menopause, after finding the best lubricant for menopause, you and your partner can have a worry-free time in bed.

Many sexually active partners found a large difference in their sex lives before and after menopause. Without the overhanging possibility of an unwanted pregnancy, it is much easier to enjoy your intimate moments.

No More Periods

Your menstrual cycle ends once you enter menopause, being the source of celebration for many women. That once a month visit is oftentimes an uncomfortable hassle, and after decades, you can finally pack a suitcase without tampons and pads. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), headaches, cravings and irritability are all things you never have to deal with again.

A New Zest

Women in menopause have what American anthropologist Margaret Mead called a “menopausal zest.” A new rush of energy overcomes women both physically and psychologically. This gives women a bolder look on life, and they feel comfortable making more daring decisions. Menopause can help direct a woman’s life to a place she’s always wanted to go.

Overlook the uncomfortable symptoms that menopause can bring. Be excited for the woman you can become in menopause.



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