Vaginal Dryness when Cold

Avoiding Vaginal Dryness During Cold Weather

You’ve seen all the advertisements, started ordering your regular pumpkin spice latte and even begun browsing your family’s wish lists for holiday gift ideas. If that isn’t enough of a hint for you, fall is here—and so is the cold weather that this season entails.

Before you think about pulling out your jackets, scarves and sweaters to begin the “season of layers,” you need to know what this climate means for the vaginal dryness that you’ve been fighting against for so long. Are you at risk for discomfort from now until “decking the halls” is just a distant memory?

The Good News

As far as your vagina is concerned, this shift of seasons is actually ideal. Your body is transitioning from the summer heat and humidity that came hand in hand. Now you get the dry, cool weather. If your vaginal dryness originates from menopause, this is further encouraging because you can utilize the cold weather to balance out your hot flashes.

Unfortunately, your celebration starts and stops there. It is our cold weather habits that can cause infections, pain and dryness. A talk with your gyne about sweater weather would be enough to learn the basics. But to save you a trip, here are the tips and tricks that will make your life simpler this year.

Watch Out For…

Don’t let fall be only about your fashion. The layers of clothes can actually be a problem for you. Yeast infections actually thrive in humid, hot or moist places. If you’re not prone to infections, sweat can lead to friction, irritation of skin and sensitivity, which is the recipe for painful intercourse. It may be the season to be jolly, but it’s also the number one season for genital discomfort.

You shouldn’t only avoid synthetic, tight clothing. You are what you eat, and choosing to eat something sweet can actually be damaging. Sugar and refined carbs are bad for your vagina. Eat as healthy as you can all season long, allowing for the occasional snack (because who can really say no to the piece of pumpkin pie?).

Before you jump into cold and flu season, filled with medications that can change your vagina’s natural flora, begin taking a probiotic like khieffer to get you through the end of the year in one piece. Of course most importantly, be sure to make Femininity™ part of your daily routine to eliminate vaginal dryness and give you a reason to be jolly.



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