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Menopause + Cold and Flu Season

The thought is chilling. You flash back to last year when you were hit with the flu and were down for the count. Wrapped in your blanket, sipping on soup and tea, you thought the illness would never leave. You’ve now reached an age where you have to prepare to fight off these ailments.

You’ve experienced menopause dryness, and you know how bad it can get when you’re taking all kinds of medication to fight the virus off. Is a flu shot enough to keep you healthy this year?

The Dangers of Menopause

Being of menopause age itself doesn’t mean you’re going to catch a cold or the flu. Fortunately for you, if you keep your health on track and menopause dryness in check, you can actually feel good all season long. This takes hard work and dedication to a healthier, more holistic life.

However, you need to be aware the changes in hormones, like the fluctuations in estrogen, can weaken your nervous system, affect digestion, eliminate good gut bacteria, increase fatigue and weaken your immune system. That list of symptoms may make you more prone to catching the bug. If you’re under pressure and feeling more stressed, that will put you at an even higher risk.

Looking After Yourself

You can’t just bank on a clean bill of health like you did in your 20s. You aren’t invincible. While your body is strained, it can actually be more difficult to recuperate from the flu. As controversial as they are, flu shots can result in a less serious flu and shorter bouts of menopause dryness.

Start taking care of your health this year by doing the usual — eat healthy (including plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet) and drink plenty of water. Again, you should be drinking half of your weight in ounces every day. Get plenty of exercise, but save plenty of time for relaxation during the holiday season.

Though medications to fight off illness can dry you out, countering that with your Femininity supplement can be exactly what you need to stay in great shape during the winter and even the rest of the year.



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