Exercise to Alleviate Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is not something most women look forward to. When you get to this new age of your life, your periods become irregular, hot flashes hit, you struggle sleeping and you experience physical changes such as vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.

There are ways to help combat these symptoms. Daily supplements are an easy way to relieve vaginal dryness. These supplements have Omega-7 to benefit mucous membrane health and get rid of vaginal dryness. Other ways to reduce these menopause symptoms is by exercising. Exercising will not only help relieve symptoms but also improve the overall quality of your life.

Try some of these exercises to alleviate your menopause symptoms.

Strength Training

Strength training is one way to alleviate menopause symptoms. By building strength in your muscles and bones, you will minimize the risk of osteoporosis as well as burn body fat and increase your metabolism. Strength training can include dumbbells, resistance tubes, free weights or weight machines.


Yoga can teach you to relax. It can help relieve your stress and calm your nerves. Certain types of yoga can help relieve pain and has been known to help alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, irritability and hot flashes.


Swimming can be very beneficial. It is a better cardio exercise than running because it is much easier on your joints. Keep up your estrogen levels up by swimming or doing another aerobic exercise for 30 minutes each day. By keeping up your estrogen level, it can help protect against heart disease.


Dancing can be a fun, low-impact exercise. As you go through menopause, fat accumulates in different parts of your body. You may start seeing fat accumulate around your belly more than it use to. Dancing can be fun and burn calories to help lose that fat. There are many types of dancing you can get into such as partner dancing or dance-fitness such as Zumba.

These are a couple of exercises to alleviate menopause symptoms. Try to exercise three to four times a week. Mix it up so you don’t get bored and feel the symptoms of menopause subside.



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