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Finding Balance Through Menopause

Life should be like a walk through a park, stopping to smell the roses and enjoying warm sunshine or a cool breeze. However for many women, once menopause rolls around that walk in the park can feel a lot more like a walk across a tightrope, and it can feel harder and harder to stay balanced.

Menopause itself causes an imbalance—a hormonal imbalance—that can cause many nasty symptoms. As estrogen production slows down and the levels of the hormone decrease in a woman’s body, she will undergo physical changes that can become unpleasant. Vaginal dryness causes painful intercourse and hot flashes can be unexpected and make even a cool room feel like Texas on a hot summer day.

Because menopause is caused by an actual imbalance, undergoing this process puts even more importance on a woman’s need to find balance.

Why Balance Is Important

During menopause, a woman needs to find balance in a number of different ways. For starters, she may find herself having a harder time keeping her emotions in balance. In addition to vaginal dryness and hot flashes, the rapid changes in hormone levels can cause mood swings.

Additionally, during menopause a woman might have a hard time keeping the right energy balance. Fatigue is a symptom of menopause that causes many women to have difficulty staying active. Fortunately, there are things a woman can do to help.

Balance Through Diet and Yoga

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is a great way to help a woman overcome the harsh symptoms of menopause. Staying hydrated helps energy levels and can mitigate the severity of hot flashes, and there are nutritional supplements that can prevent vaginal dryness.

While staying active can be challenging, there are certain exercises that have numerous benefits for a menopausal woman. Yoga helps with muscle tone, increases flexibility and provides a time for mediation and peace of mind.

For any woman walking the tightrope of menopause, staying well nourished and working on both mental and physical strength can help give a necessary sense of balance in maintaining health.



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