Get Your Sexy Back

There are a few things we don’t talk about in this world — your latest pimple, the lint you pulled out of your bellybutton or even vaginal dryness. We censor ourselves to keep people from feeling uncomfortable and keep ourselves from feeling embarrassed.

When it comes to dryness below the equator, lack of hydration can lead to lack of confidence. As hard as it is to open up about this oftentimes embarrassing problem, keeping quiet can create pressure to deal with the problem. The stress you may soon face may perpetuate the issue.

Don’t let a dry spell get out of hand. Take charge over your life once more.

More Frequent Than You Think

When you hear the words “vaginal dryness,” your mother may come to mind thanks to Menopause. What most women don’t realize is that there are many causes for dryness. The most popular of these are lack of arousal, stress due to emotions, douching, excessive smoking, excessive drinking, over-exercising, childbirth, certain medications and menstruation.

Vaginal dryness may make you feel self-conscious or in pain. You suffer in silence. The word “sexy” is the furthest thing from your mind. Feeling uncomfortable can take a toll on your self-esteem, and in the long run on your relationship.

How to Manage

Finding your confidence is key to “bringing your sexy back.” As you seek treatment, find new ways to feel sexy, whether you’re taking a dance class or simply exercising more to tone up your body. Bring sex back into your life, because the increase of blood flow can help increase the secretion of moisture.

Women aren’t the same, and no solution is going to work for everyone. However, vaginal dryness is far from untreatable. When you’re dealing with dryness, Femininity can be the solution you’re looking for to bring your life back to where you want it.


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