How Your Kids Can Help You Fight Aging

How Your Kids Can Help You Fight Aging

As they approach middle age, women try desperately to hold on to what ever is left of their youth. What’s a better way to hold on to your youth than having your child help you?

Believe it or not, kids are useful for more than just cleaning up the house. During a time when you feel at your oldest and are suffering from vaginal dryness and other menopause symptoms, knowing how to feel young again is the best way to distract you from the aging process.

Channeling Your Inner Child

Kids are wild and crazy. They have endless amounts of energy and can stay fueled on just their imagination alone. As their mother, you have to do your best at making sure they don’t break any rules, trip and fall or do anything else stupid. Sometimes though, in the middle of parenting there comes a time when you need to relax and play with your children. If you can let your kids teach you how to be young again for even just a second, you won’t remember the hot flashes or the vaginal dryness. It’s a win-win.

How to be One Step Ahead

The fight against anti-aging trudges on, but you are pulling on the reigns as hard as you can and with the help of your child it only gets easier. With the rapid growth of technology in our children’s generation, they know how to work all sorts of snazzy technology. Because it all seems so foreign and confusing to you, it only makes you feel older. Sit down with your child and make them teach you how to use your phone so that you can feel like you are young and “in the know” versus “the annoying mom who is too old to know anything.”

Let’s face it there is nothing that ages a person more than the clothes they wear. Heck, some people are still stuck in the 80s era when it comes to their wardrobe. Let your kids show you what is hip yet appropriate for moms to wear so you can look and feel your best and not feel trapped in the past.

From now on, menopause dryness is a nonentity to you. You know exactly what to do so that nothing, not even hot flashes or a dry vagina, can make you feel old.

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