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Is Menopause Avoidable? Insider Advice to Minimizing the Symptoms

As many women approach the end of their menstruation years and the beginning of the hot flashes and vaginal dryness years, it’s common to want to believe there is a way to avoid the “M” word.

While there is not a way to completely rid yourself of the burden that is menopause, there are some ways to lessen the side effects and symptoms of menopause.

Unfortunately Unavoidable

The only reason a women would not encounter the monster of menopause would be if she had her ovaries surgically removed at a young age, such as before puberty.

All women will experience menopause—it is a sad and inevitable truth to womanhood. Because menopause is the cessation of menstrual periods, and all women have or have had periods, menopause is part of the territory. This means you get to look forward to all the exciting side effects. Vaginal dryness and night sweats — bring them on.

Not All-Bad News

Luckily, the answer to the question of whether all women experience the stereotypical symptoms of menopause is no. Of course the symptoms vary from woman to woman. There are the few extremely lucky women who don’t feel the side effects as heavily as other women. Talk about unfair.

Tips of the Trade

As hormones production in the ovaries decline, symptoms are inescapable, however you can minimize them. There are some super simple ways to lessen the night sweats, hot flashes an vaginal dryness effects.

Some of these include just getting out and getting moving and watching what you eat. Remembering to do the simple things is the easiest way to make sure you have the most convenient menopause experience ever. Breathe deeply. Breathing is especially helpful in the occurrence of hot flashes or night sweats.

One of the best ways overcome menopause blues and symptoms to remind yourself to stay calm and put things in perspective. If you remember how short this time in your life is, it will allow you to feel less restricted, resulting in feeling healthier and happier.


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